Playin Soccer: How Arthur became one of the best midfielders in the world | Origins: Arthur

Awesome Tip: How Arthur became one of the best midfielders in the world | Origins: Arthur

We travel to Brazil to discover the origins of the Barça midfielder. We discover his roots, family and the start of his evolution as a professional footballer. We talk to the key characters in his story and watch as Arthur reacts to the tales recounted of his incredible journey.

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  1. Reply

    Don't miss the full episode on Barça TV+ http://barca.link/VLxE30qPckw

  2. Reply

    Idolo do Grêmio

  3. Reply

    Todo para traerse un jugador con 30 años a cambio de 10M. Mas 2 en variables. Son unos grandes genios en Barcelona. Madremia que manada de subnormales.

  4. Reply

    I hope Arthur kicks your butts in the champion league final to tell you you did a mistake

  5. Reply

    Bartomeu out!

  6. Reply

    Buy Arthur again

  7. Reply

    So sad watching this

  8. Reply

    you people made the biggest mistake by selling him

  9. Reply

    Im i the only one that thinks the board doesn’t know about barca YouTube channel their said he is one of the best midfielders

  10. Reply

    If he's one of the best… WHY SELL HIM!!!

  11. Reply

    If you really think Arthur is one of the best midfielder (he is) , then why sold him ? Barcelona once again lost a good player just for money, like they lost Neymar .
    Although I am a Barca fan i wish them to regret for this dumb decision.
    Bartomeu out

  12. Reply

    U make a vid like this…. called this!?!? But you sell him???? W T F

  13. Reply


  14. Porque lo dejaron ir???

  15. Que basura de gestión en esta directiva bartomeu dimite por favor ese seria el mejor fichaje del mundo. Y de la historia del fútbol.

  16. Reply

    excuse me?

  17. Reply

    He is not one of the best.If he was why was he traded for someone 7 years older than him.

  18. Reply

    He should've got a chance like dembele he is not doing nothing and board doesn't give a shit!!

  19. Reply

    Then why are you selling him

  20. Reply

    Pjanic is not a bad player but he is old

  21. Reply

    Hes the best.. Thats asshole Bartomeu wants to sell him

  22. Reply

    we will regret this one day barca board sucks!


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