Playin Soccer: How Arsenal Scored vs Chelsea! | The Breakdown

Awesome Tip: How Arsenal Scored vs Chelsea! | The Breakdown

How Arsenal Scored vs Chelsea!

Music: JJD – Adventure [NCS Release]


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    I like this broo

  2. Reply

    Best one touch passing

  3. Reply

    the neymarRocket

  4. Reply

    the neymarRocket

  5. Reply

    great vid

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    ps could u make a vid on how to improve shooting passing crossing with weak foot or just how to improve weak foot!!! i would be really be grateful

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    Can i ask what kind of software you use to analyse?

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    Do the lannana skill move turial

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    All Attack what nike boots you usually use? Thanks a lot for the reply

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    can you please give us a knuckle ball tutorial.

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    plzz do a rabona tutorial

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    Please do a video edit for soccer

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    can you plzz do a Brazilian ronaldo heel flick turn tutorial

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    cool video

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    Make more vids bro

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    Make a Neymar step over hocus pocus combo

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    Do how to play goalkeeper

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    Great videos guys ! I have a wish video… I want you to make a video for 8 vs 8 games! In these mini soccer games what a team should looking for and what the player must do to achieve a great game? Thanks in advance!

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    Can you upload more please

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    hey man I love it video and they are easy to learn from especially them cool skills so can u bring more

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    how real madric scored

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    what app do you use to analyse these videos ALLAttacks

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    Do a tutorial on how to do rabona

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    Wtf was David Luiz doing lol hard to believe he is a defender at the top level when he plays like this so often

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    create a video of ball control in air by in sides and outside of the foot

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    Are you or your brother playing college ball or Academy?

    • Sy
    • February 8, 2021

    Do you hope to be a pro player one day

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