Playin Soccer: How A Football/Soccer COACH Plays Center Mid – Analyzing My Own Performance!

Awesome Tip: How A Football/Soccer COACH Plays Center Mid – Analyzing My Own Performance!

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    Great vid

  2. Reply

    Great concept! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Reply

    What's up with coach it's me the one and only Alonzo

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    Great set up! Love the info, its very informative. I will like to see the same but using the attacking mid position.

  5. Reply

    You made your teammate on different level from what i saw,, coach javi,

    Would love to see if played in somesort of 433/451 ,coach javi as cdm/cm

    I thought that formation good for youngster develope controling the game, from my experience in Fifa console game, haha

    Hopefully wanna be a coach to someday 🙂

  6. Reply

    Can you explain how to play the wing? Thanks

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    Hey Coach as someone who is about to get into coach just wondering if being an ex decent player matters? I was a decent keeper back in the day but not the best technically gifted with my feet or dribbling etc does that matter in training sessions? Hoping my knowledge and tactical knowledge will suffice? – cheers 🙂

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    Great video!I understood this when I adapted to center mid and what my role is!

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    Great video!

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    Love it!  I'm actually teaching my daughter to play the 6.  This is perfect. The new setup is awesome. You sound crystal clear.  QUALITY, Mate! Keep sending 'em!

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    Amazing video, really helpful, hope that you can also post another video about the positioning and what goes inside your head as a center mid when the opposition has the ball

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    What's your podcast called?

  13. Reply

    Love this! So much good information. Please keep 'em coming.

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    I would like to see you playing as a fake 9

  15. Reply

    Excellent content
    shout out from Brazil

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    What about, managing the high press and your role as a center mid in breaking it?

  17. Reply

    The jersey is really nice!

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