Playin Soccer: Hitting It Top Bins On The First Take (Not Really)

Awesome Tip: Hitting It Top Bins On The First Take (Not Really)

We almost missed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Reply

    Are you a former pro player @coach javi

  2. Reply

    What kind of tripod was that?

  3. Reply

    I have a hard time when it comes to knowing the difference between university club soccer and the university NCAA soccer. Is the competition the same? How do you join the club soccer team from the university?

  4. Reply

    I live near where you took the upper 90 shots coach. You shouldve invited me 🙁

  5. Reply

    What state you scout at?

  6. Reply

    Is that Olympic park? Scored a banger on that field. Even have the goal recorded.

  7. Reply

    Damn his channel grew a lot. I was here when he only had 8,000 subs.

  8. Reply

    Your dad too funny man

  9. Reply

    sick video mate

  10. Reply

    Those uber top bin things may be nice but I really like that skillzshot thing

  11. Reply

    Hi coach Javi can you give me a good advice how to get better at condition and agility training pls ?

  12. Reply

    Coach javi you the best thanks to your videos I can actually score now lol

  13. Reply

    javi why don’t you make a second channel specifically for the College Soccer and don’t monetize that channel. Like a school soccer channel that you run

  14. Reply

    Wow your dad is amazing at soccer! That was perfect too bins on the first try!

  15. Reply

    He Is like A Professional Youtuber this is fasinating

  16. Reply

    Keep These Videos up and when i become a succesful soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr. or My favorite Eden Hazard Pogba and The best Zatlan Ibrahimovic I will Fund ur Company and U See Ya And plz Never Give This up and need Training Videos And More

  17. Reply

    Osama bin Lopez at 8:29

  18. Reply

    I miss the college videos

    • Luis
    • February 20, 2021

    Always hit it top bins.

  19. Reply

    hey coach i love your videos so much!! i recently tried out for an RDS red bull’s camp and yesterday i found out that i made it! your videos really inspire me to be a great soccer player

  20. Reply

    Coach javi give some good advise ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

    • Esvin
    • February 20, 2021

    i think 1 coach javi

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