Playin Soccer: [HIGHLIGHTS] YOUTH LEAGUE: FC Barcelona – PSV Eindhoven (2-1)

Awesome Tip: [HIGHLIGHTS] YOUTH LEAGUE: FC Barcelona – PSV Eindhoven (2-1)

An 88th minute goal from Nico González saw Barça’s U19’s edge Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s PSV youngsters (2-1) in the UEFA Youth League at the Miniestadi. Denis Silva had watched his side suffer at various stages of the match, though they also dominated at times themselves.

The game began with two early chances for PSV, but Tenas was equal to them both. Lucas de Vega put the hosts ahead following Barça’s first real move of note, and thanks to a great pass from Nils on the left.

That opened up proceedings and allowed a youthful Blaugrana side to dictate the pace. In the 22nd minute, Barça almost doubled the lead, but Van Dorp stopped Konrad’s shot.

It was then PSV’s turn to press with Tenas working overtime to keep the Dutch team at bay. The goalkeeper was very brave in the one on one’s and denied PSV with a spectacular save before the break.
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    Jag heter Ievgenii typ kan jag prova träna med er asså typ jag spelade när jag var liten kille och bor på Viptorp

    • MM 10
    • February 20, 2021

    Like for messi

    • LIND
    • February 20, 2021

    Visca barça

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    Barca is the best in the world

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    Barcelona is the best team ever

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    Visça Barça y Catalunya

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    like good barca

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    A psv fan wrote 3 hours ago that they will win the 'real' game and now he has deleted his comment.

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    Barca shut lose this match

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    mmm…lo dudo

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    منو عربي لايك

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    Barca is in go form

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    الف مبروووك

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    Il sos ou les vrai jJOUEUR tu barça

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    Masia power

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    Visca Barça A Ganar La Champions

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    3-1 Barcelona I think Lozano will score for PSV for Barcelona, Messi, Coutinho and Dembele

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    Messi hattrick prediction

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    Psv is waiting for another loss!

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    Tem como eu jogar ai

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    Senior team will win 3-1

  23. rial madead

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    Why isn't there any fans in the stadium

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    good win from our youth team!!

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    BRO n7 has potential

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    Awesome video

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