Playin Soccer: HIGHLIGHTS | Sevilla 2-0 Barça | Copa del Rey semi-final first leg

Awesome Tip: HIGHLIGHTS | Sevilla 2-0 Barça | Copa del Rey semi-final first leg

Relive the full highlights of Barça’s Copa del Rey semi-final first leg against Sevilla.

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  1. Reply

    Sevilla goalkeeper save Sevilla….such a great day Sevilla….

  2. Reply

    Noob barca

  3. Reply

    Barcelona will keep lossing as long as Busquets is playing, period!

  4. Reply

    Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

  5. Reply

    2:15 otro PISCINAZO de De Yong ¡¡

  6. Reply

    The freekick that Messi took was literally a bullet. Can't believe how the keeper stopped it.

  7. Reply

    Sevilla keeper did well paa

  8. Reply

    Every keeper vs Barca: god mode activated

  9. Reply

    MOTM for Sevilla should have been Bonno or Umtiti.

  10. Reply

    Everything aside, Kounde scored a magnificent Goal, no doubts he's one is the best one of this month

  11. Reply


  12. Pessi

  13. Reply

    mesi mana mesi hehe

  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    The othera doesn’t even take a shot…so low in confidence

  16. Reply

    We are still playing old football that's why we always beaten especially in crucial games like this one

  17. Reply

    Bonoo ❤️❤️

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    4:32 Rakitic❤

  20. Reply

    Bono Bono bonne visca bono

  21. Reply

    Battle is over…but the war is not over…

    • 62 %
    • February 20, 2021

    mampus kalah

  22. Club sampaaaaahhh managemen anccuuuurr, wajib kalah saja kao barca.
    Tak cocok nanti di liga champion.

    Bakal di hajar disana

  23. Reply


  24. Reply

    Mantap mantap

  25. Reply

    4:00 Failed Baptism

  26. Reply

    Who like messi and griezmann like

  27. Reply

    messi hahahha

  28. Вратарь ташил сивилью

  29. Reply


  30. Reply

    Yuk bisa yuk kalah lagi yuk

  31. Reply


  32. Reply

    Barca sekarang Defisi 3 apa 4 ya ???
    Lupa sama negara mana sih barca itu nuub banget soalnya hiya hiya

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