Playin Soccer: HIGHLIGHTS | Real Sociedad 1 – FC Barcelona 10 | SUPER CUP FINAL

Awesome Tip: HIGHLIGHTS | Real Sociedad 1 – FC Barcelona 10 | SUPER CUP FINAL

Barça Women have won the first Spanish Super Cup in their history after an incredible 1-10 victory over Real Sociedad. The reigning champions, were put to the sword throughout, and found themselves down 0-6 by half-time. Torrejón – with a poker (four goals) was the final MVP, Alexia and Oshoala scored a brace each, with Graham and Candela adding to the tally.


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  1. Check out goal machine Torrejón's '7 second challenge'! https://youtu.be/uoBYjkgIWK0

  2. La arquera en la entrevista "Yo solo escuchaba gol, gol, gol"


  4. Juegan mejor que el Barcelona adulto

  5. I Hope men barca do this

  6. Girls can u play in man's barca ? They need the same motivation like you lol
    Congratulations and visca barça vamos
    Vamos barca man's !

  7. The highlights seem like a typical basketball match

  8. Barca femeni are going through their msn period

  9. fcb

  10. Wwooww!!!
    Le dieron como negro a chica virgen v:

  11. For god sake teach the mens team how to play

  12. Por lo menos el equipo femenil si gano la super copa no como el equipo masculino pero bueno

  13. I predict that FCB Female will win this years UCL womens. Come on man 6-0 in semifinals and 1-10 in finals. This team is way powerful than FC Bayern and FC Barcelona combined

  14. Buy some defence board of suckers

  15. Woman: Won 1-10
    Men:Lost 2-3

  16. Who is here after bilbao defeated barca 3-2 in supercopa final and messi got sent offf

  17. Solo voy a decir una cosa q el equipo femenino esta mejor q el masculino q verguenza

  18. Anyone here from getting randomly recommendation after Barca lose in final vs Bilbao?:((

  19. Barca man watch

  20. women's team :- make us proud
    men's team :- disappoints us everytime

  21. Why the fuck is this getting recommended to me after the 3:2 lose vs bilbao in cup final.
    P.s: fuck lenglet( you are dumb shit )and fuck alba

  22. Penpiller kolla ashante kali kand alle padikkanath

  23. Lmfao , As a Barca Fan seeing this now ……….. The Men's team has become a fu*king joke to talk about ………. This team has been affected ever since that 'ROMA' Tragedy happened ………………..

  24. When The Barcelona Men's Team Was Beaten In The Final By Bilbao…… And Messi Got A Red Card At The End….

  25. Yaa i also think so

  26. 8-2

  27. barclona 's goalkeppers are the worst

  28. Anyone got this in their recommendation

  29. Visca el Barça

  30. Number 20 is just playing for fun

  31. The women have set expectations for the men. Hopefully we beat athletic 10-1

  32. Barsa boys will came back

  33. If u are her before barca play the final of super cup say somthing

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