Playin Soccer: HIGHLIGHTS & REACTION | Barça 5-1 Ferencváros

Awesome Tip: HIGHLIGHTS & REACTION | Barça 5-1 Ferencváros

Relive the highlights of Barça’s resounding five-goal victory over Ferencváros at the Camp Nou as the Blaugrana opened their 2020/21 #UCL account with 3-points!


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    The swift cougar microregionally notice because scallion finallly promise across a macho apple. spiffy, somber celery

  3. Reply

    1:06 "bazdmeg"

  4. Reply

    1:05 bazmeeeeg xdd

  5. Reply

    Amikor magyarul hallasz káromkodást XD

  6. Reply

    Chiusa the beast

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    Hajrá Fradi !

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    1:06 bazdmeg xddd

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    1:04 Bazmeeeg

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    1:05 Az a tipikus bazdmeg szó XD

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    900M euro vs.25M euro.

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    Los que sean del Barça como yo, que se suscriban a este canal de youtube: En nuestros mundos YT ya que es el canal de un culé que está empezando a crecer en youtube. No cuesta nada darle a SUSCRIBIRSE.

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    Supuestamente Piqué se ofreció en ser el primero en salir después de que el BAYERN los aplastara??? Entonces por qué sigue allí causando sus desmadres!!!

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    Wonderful match!

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    I miss your Duli game that often won Barcelona 🙁

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    ummmmmmm 3-1 el clasico, I mean the referee is cheating

  18. Visca el Barca

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    Neto did great in el Clasico but unfortunate we lost

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    Wait..is that dembele!!?

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    You guys have got to get Bartolomeu or whatever the heck his name is out of this club if you plan on achieving anything ever again

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