Playin Soccer: HIGHLIGHTS | Madrid CFF 0–4 Barça Women | Let's go! Onto the final! 🚀🚀🚀

Awesome Tip: HIGHLIGHTS | Madrid CFF 0–4 Barça Women | Let's go! Onto the final! 🚀🚀🚀

FC Barcelona qualified for the Copa de la Reina final, which will be played on Sunday, after a dominant victory against Madrid CFF.

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  1. Reply

    There were 2 fouls on the girl that passed the ball over the defenders head

  2. Reply

    You guys should post their full matches

  3. Reply

    Our female team is best in the world right now

  4. Reply

    I have faith in our Barca women, they can do it.

  5. Reply

    Triblle winner

  6. Reply

    These girls are so powerful

  7. Reply

    Golden age of FCB women Team

  8. Reply

    Laporta out‼‼‼‼

  9. Reply

    What a season they are having
    Maybe the best in history of football
    They just can't stop scoring more than 4 whilst keeping clean sheets
    I think they deserve more love than what they are getting

    • Ardi
    • June 19, 2021

    These FCB Femeni team definitely above average women pro, they might have a chance in men's 4th and 5th regional division. This is not even a joke comment.

  10. Reply

    En la final se pusieron las cosas de cara muy rapido pero el Barcelona es muy superior al Chelsea . Con o a 4 creo que hay muchos detalles a trabajar porque se tomaron decisiones muy de patio de colegio , hay que mejorar mas para ser mas fuertes en personalidad y oficio y saber jugar estos momentos con inteligencia . Espero que hayan visto el video del partido mas veces para extraer mas potencial a este equipazo y para poder seguir luchando por Champions en un futuro muy proximo . Enhorabuena chicas , super orgullosos de vosotras en todos los sentidos , sois leyenda para el F C Barcelona .

  11. Reply

    You girls are the only good thing about this season

  12. Reply

    Women teams performance this season is above the par. Loved it❤

  13. Reply

    Ni un equipo puede pi ara al barcelona no aguanta nada eso equipo a mi barcelona

  14. Reply

    Men barcelona should leave . At least women Barcelona shows we are true Barcelona congratulations ❤️❤️❤️.

  15. Reply

    The deserted surprise fifthly scrape because fish dewailly wander past a poised print. heady, responsible pull

  16. Reply

    They make it look simple Bravo ladies

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