Playin Soccer: [HIGHLIGHTS] FUTBOL FEM (Champions League): O. Lyonnais – FC Barcelona (2-1)

Awesome Tip: [HIGHLIGHTS] FUTBOL FEM (Champions League): O. Lyonnais – FC Barcelona (2-1)

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  1. Reply

    FCB 10 is garbage striker

  2. Reply

    kvinne fotball ska legges ned.

  3. 1:20 best goals

  4. Reply

    Barca's goalie is the reason score is only 2-1.

  5. Reply

    Barca women are lame

  6. Reply

    AKA Barca Keeper Vs. Lyon attackers

  7. Reply

    wheres Morgan at tho

  8. Reply

    Better than expected but yet far from what you'demand on a Champions League game

  9. Reply

    Lieke knap wijffie

  10. Reply

    Vamos chicas por muy difícil que sea vosotras podéis la afición no fallara y animara a tope el miniestadi será una olla a presión força barça siempre 1899. #REMONTADA

  11. Reply

    Madre mia que arquera

  12. Reply

    Can I meet Messi

  13. Que belo jogo da Sandra Paños .

  14. Reply

    Fem are better than Ronaldo nowadays

  15. Reply

    We tried our best
    Tbh we got to take care of defense cause they created a heck lot of chances it's that keeper was good or it could have 4 or 5 – 1
    But see try your best and let's hope we win the second leg with aggregate

  16. Reply

    Bravo Lyon cela méritait un score plus large!

  17. Reply

    Let's win in the return leg.
    Duggan is not as good as we all think wow how could she miss that open goal.
    English player's are always over hiped.
    It could have been 2 away goal's if she buried that.

  18. Reply

    Panos >> Ter Stegen

  19. Reply

    Visca barca

  20. poor panos. Força Barça!

  21. Reply

    Ahora a esperar la remontada. Vamos chicas, a demostrar lo que es la filosofia del Barca.
    Visca Barca

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