Playin Soccer: [HIGHLIGHTS] Friendly in Qatar: Al-Ahly – FC Barcelona (3-5)

Awesome Tip: [HIGHLIGHTS] Friendly in Qatar: Al-Ahly – FC Barcelona (3-5)

FC Barcelona treated the Al-Gharafa Stadium in Qatar to a fine display of attacking football on Tuesday as they defeated of Saudi Arabia 5-3 in a friendly match with goals from Leo Messi, Neymar Jr, Luis Suárez, Paco Alcácer and Rafinha.

El FC Barcelona ha ganado el amistoso celebrado en Qatar ante el Al-Ahli por 3-5. Suárez, Messi, Neymar Jr, Alcácer y Rafinha han sido los goleadores de un partido que Luis Enrique ha hecho participar a 22 jugadores, excepto Ter Stegen.

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  1. Reply

    Omar Abdulrahman father the Messi!

  2. Reply

    Omar Abdulrahman the best Player in the world!

  3. Reply

    who's here after Xavi's Al sadd smashed Al Ahly 7-1

  4. Reply

    Were Barcelona even trying?????

  5. Reply

    Pucha todos hablan de Messi Neymar rafiinha suarez etc, pero nadie habla de Omar jugo como los grandes corrió aporto enfrentó a un grande de Europa y los bailo también demole crédito al de emiratos árabes es un buen jugador

  6. Reply

    you guys are bullys and even put the wrong name

  7. Reply

    That is me holding Messi hand ( not the Afghan kid the other one )

  8. Reply

    Proof alot how good is Barcelona

  9. I’m from Qatar I wasn’t sad about our country losing but gg we nearly won

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    Rei Leonel Messi

    • A B
    • February 27, 2021

    This match was painful to watch.I can just tell that Messi was laughing at us and still is.

  13. Reply

    That last goal was beast teamwork

  14. Reply

    FC Barcelona my favorate team .The best football club in the world. #LoveBarca

  15. Reply

    Are these really the guys paying tributes to victims from ISIS when terrorism hits Europe? How can this sport be so double-faced to accept wearing the name of a country that has been internationally condemned for aiding ISIS on their T-shirt? Football is nothing but a shame.

  16. Reply

    Nice gimme goals at the end, lol.

  17. Reply

    كبير يالملكي وكبير يالبرشا ..

    I love alahli and Barcelona

  18. Reply

    Imagine if Barca were actually trying

  19. Reply

    برشلونة سايبه الاهلي يجيب اجوان براحته باينه اوي المفروض الاهلي ميقبلش على نفسه كده وميلاعبش برشلونة اصلا يلاعب فرقة اقل شوية علشان يعرف ياخد ويدي معاها

  20. Reply

    first goal scored by messi

  21. Reply

    Vim do Futuro e o Neymar virou escravo do Messi, parou de fazer gols no Barcelona, só ficou dando assistências, entrou no lugar do Iniesta que se aposentou, mudou o numero da camisa para (8), virou meio de campo, seu rendimento caiu, foi vendido para o PSG, Teve uma curta carreira por lá, acabou sua carreira no santos, e depois virou cantor de Forró junto com Ronaldinho Gaucho

  22. Reply

    finally paco is scoring a goal

  23. Reply

    hahahaha messi is alone enough for this whole team

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  25. حظكم مالعبتم مع الهلال ولا كانت علوم يالبرشا

  26. Reply

    woah ….finally paco scored for barca…..so happy!

  27. Al hilal should be in la liga because they gave barca a challenge. no teams can score 3 goals against barca.

  28. Reply

    what about vidal in this match

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