Playin Soccer: ⚽ HIGHLIGHTS | Barça B 3–2 Villarreal B | Hard-fought victory 💪🔥

Awesome Tip: ⚽ HIGHLIGHTS | Barça B 3–2 Villarreal B | Hard-fought victory 💪🔥

Garcia Pimienta’s team played a great match and are now second in the play-off zone for promotion to Second Division A
Goals: 1-0, Konrad (min 15); 2-0, Collado (min 57); 2-1, Arana (min 58); 3-1, Rei Manaj (min 67); 3-2, Millán (min 73);


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  1. Reply

    Collado Konrad, balde 3 new signings

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    So barcelona b defence is as good as barcelona

  4. Reply

    0:53 Pedri

  5. Reply

    Visca Barca and Forca Barca

  6. Collado up to the first team

  7. Reply

    ALEX COLLADO deserves A team more than anyone else !

  8. Reply

    These kids are better than braithwaite

  9. Reply

    Can we have Barca B vs the senior Team

  10. Reply

    Collado is gem!

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    No paran de meter hostias los del villareal

  13. Reply

    Cómo no se le ha dado la oportunidad a Konrad en el primer equipo?!!

  14. Reply

    Where is hiroki Abe

  15. Reply

    Collado always surprises me

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    Forget Mbappe forget Hallaand

    Give Our la masians some chances..
    Kondrad, Manaj, Collado they are the future of this clun

    • GOAT
    • April 29, 2021

    They're standing in silence at the beginning to pay respects to the game of football. 1800s-2021.

  18. Reply

    The defending for Villarreal's second goal was outrightly calamitous.

  19. Reply

    Hiroki Abe!!!!

  20. Reply

    Believe an expert, like Collado

  21. Reply

    Believe an expert, like Collado

  22. Reply

    Why is Frenkie de Jong playing in the B team with the number 4 on his shirt, I recognize those super white legs anywhere, we should really give him a rest….

  23. Reply


  24. Reply

    unfair play from both sides …
    i was not expecting this from barca

  25. Reply

    So tell me this, how is that some people can go watch the games at the cruyff stadium but some fans can’t go watch at the camp nou stadium ?

  26. Reply

    Players and other staff of FC Barcelona, boycott the European Super League! We need to hold on to the final piece of hope! Imagine Albania qualifying for the World Cup and Rey Manaj is ineligible (or something similar)!

  27. Reply

    Only if messi was surrounded by those attackers and mid and defense

  28. Reply

    No to super League

  29. Reply

    Konrad pls join barcelona A team

  30. # cancelthesuperleague

  31. Reply

    0:52 pedri 페드리

  32. Reply

    Collado al primer equipo ahora!

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