Playin Soccer: HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 4–0 Fortuna Hørring | Huge step towards quarters

Awesome Tip: HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 4–0 Fortuna Hørring | Huge step towards quarters

Hat-trick from Jennifer Hermoso and a fourth from Alexia put the team well on course for a place in the last eight of the Champions League


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  2. Son unas cracks

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    This team should be appreciated more

  4. Siempre promoviendo el futbol femenil

    • March 3, 2021

    this looks like a trainings match for the barca squad

  5. Juegan mejor que el varonil jaja tremendos golazos

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    Wow, great at playing it.

  7. Their goalkeeper is something else

  8. If they had not missed they could have scored them more than 10

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    Its amazing
    Assalamualaikum , love you barcelona

  10. Vamoos

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    Lyon will be hard to beat

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