Playin Soccer: HIGHLIGHTS | At. Madrid 0 – 1 Barça | Into the semifinals!

Awesome Tip: HIGHLIGHTS | At. Madrid 0 – 1 Barça | Into the semifinals!

For the third time in their history, Barça Women will be among the last four in Europe. A tenacious Barça Women’s performance was a platform for Lluís Cortés side to go through to the semifinals of the Women’s Champions League thanks to a late goal from Hamraoui.


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  1. Fan FC

  2. Bartomeo out !!!!!!!

    He's the biggest blame in Barcelona history and he makes the best player of all time sad

  3. bartomeu solo se fija en las mujeres

  4. We will win

  5. 20 number she is adama trarore woman version

  6. Esta barça es el mejor

  7. The one who scored was number 10

    • M S
    • February 3, 2021

    Bartomeu out

  8. Quien será la messi mujer xxdddd

  9. We re bad for messi. barca club didn t made the right decision with him. He is right but the club is wrong. At least the woman team is making a good job.


    • Kira
    • February 3, 2021


  11. Barça out kkk

  12. Proud to be barca fans

  13. Bartomeu dimiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Bartomeu Out!!!!

  15. So I just found out I've been watching the wrong Barcelona team this whole time post lockdown

  16. 8-2

  17. Oh your here as well to see the comments about the defeat of Braça with Bayern. Hi

  18. Messi in, Bartameou out.
    Vamos Messi.
    Let's just spam till Messi stays.

  19. Bartomeu out

  20. f u Bartomeu

  21. Uzbekistan dan Fc Barça ga omad

  22. Barca women's team very strong than men's team…

  23. The crazy thing is I got recommended realsocied 1 Barcelona 10

  24. Why they don't exchange jersey ?

  25. Almost 10 million suscríber

  26. Felicidades mis Hermosas Super Barsas

  27. Leo messi scored that

  28. Honestly it looks like U12 men football or smth like that.

  29. The one thing that didn't change because of the virus is the women's team's attendance

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