Playin Soccer: ⚽ HIGHLIGHTS | Alcoyano 1-2 Barça B | Konrad hands blaugranes important win 💪🔥

Awesome Tip: ⚽ HIGHLIGHTS | Alcoyano 1-2 Barça B | Konrad hands blaugranes important win 💪🔥

A great win for Barça B as they took a 2-1 win away at Alcoyano thanks to a brace from Konrad de la Fuente. The three points allow the blaugranes to remain in second place in the table and in the hunt for a play off place


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  1. Reply

    Konrad should be promoted as proper striker in main team specially when fati is out

  2. Konrad ya está para el equipo A.

  3. Reply

    Was that Inaki pena?

  4. Reply

    sell demeble konrad is better

  5. Reply

    If Konrad goes to Dortmund he will b as good or even better than Jadon Sancho. Barcelona need to c dis guy quality and utilize it b4 is too late.

  6. Reply

    Don’t mention the score idiots

  7. Reply

    It's funny how Barca wanted to sell Konrad while Dembele wants to leave and Konrad literally saved Barcelona's ass.

  8. Reply

    Konrad merece otra oportunidad en el primer equipo y espero que esta vez no la desaproveche

  9. Reply


  10. Reply

    whose backyard is this?

  11. Reply

    Konrad al primer equipooo en vez de Trincao

  12. Reply

    Better than vardrid

  13. Reply

    Before , there were rumors of loaning Konrad , but now you can realise all of these players are the future of BARCA.

  14. Reply

    I always said Konrad is better than Puig when it comes to attacking.

  15. Reply

    Love you Barca B…

  16. Reply

    Barca, please tell me if only the league title race had been decided sooner, that more Masia players like Konrad and Collado would've been given chances to adjust slowly with no risk to you, because this is really unfair, seeing Konrad on the transfer market (buyback or not) without even getting a chance, to some average team to disappear forever.

  17. Reply

    I keep asking myself this question,why is Konrad still play for B instead of the first team.

  18. Reply

    Glad to see my fellow American Konrad's form is picking up!

  19. Reply

    Pimienta is a gem even though with Injuries and mains players away for first team he is doing phenomenon

  20. Reply

    Konrad is a true beast

  21. Reply

    Konrad and collide need to be first team players

  22. Reply

    What a coincident the first team won 2-1 and Barca b also won 2-1. VAMOSSS. All Barca teams are doing great even the girls.

  23. Reply

    The outside taken by other team was wrong . He stepped out of the line while throwing it.
    They don't really deserve it…
    Poor decision by sideline ref

  24. Reply

    2:09 el jugador del alcoyano hizo que se lesiono , pero después metieron el gol y se levanto

  25. Reply

    Couldn't be even more proud…our B team defeated the team that kicked Real out of CDR

  26. Reply

    That Jersey is disgusting

  27. Reply

    Its so sad that Barca have put Konrad on the transfer market this season

  28. Reply

    Day 1 : On my journey of becoming well known among all culers

    • Brot
    • April 30, 2021

    Konrad deserves WAY MORE game time with the first team. With Fati still injured, he's the only natural LW we have and playing him in that position will not only allow us to be more threatening going foward but also allow Griezmann to play in his natural position.

  29. Reply

    Konrad should get a chance in the first team he is awesome.

  30. Reply

    even barca b beat this team

  31. Reply

    I'm glad Konrad is getting game time in Barça B rather than being benched by Koeman in first team…

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