Playin Soccer: [HIGHLIGHTS] (2aB) FC Barcelona B 12 – Eldense 0

Awesome Tip: [HIGHLIGHTS] (2aB) FC Barcelona B 12 – Eldense 0

Wow! Barça B blasted their way on Saturday afternoon to the biggest win in their history, 12-0 against bottom-of-the-table Eldense. The reserves were already a staggering eight goals to the good at half time and added another four in the second half, and that was even without the suspended Palencia or the injured Mujica, Moisés, Jose Suárez and Varo, as well as Carles Aleñá being away on first team duty!
Barça B led with just their second shot on goal, converted by Romera, and Jesús Alfaro soon doubled the early lead. Then the floodgates opened. Carbonell made it three, Gumbau stuck away a penalty, Romera added his second and then Alfaro put away for the second time as well.
There was still time for both Romera and Alfaro to round off hat-tricks before the first 45 minutes were up, and the second half was just about finding out whether Barça B could make it into double figures.
There didn’t seem to be much doubt that that was going to happen after Perea got off the mark almost immediately after the ball started rolling again, but it would actually take a whole half hour before the ball was in the visiting net again.
The honour fell to substitute Kaptoum before another of the replacements, Cardona, made it 11-0 and Abeledo clocked up the twelfth of an amazing game in injury time – thus equalling the highest ever win in this division and ensuring that the B team will spend another week at the top of the table.
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    quando você coloca PES no modo amador rs

  2. Reply

    Yo no se porque no borran un partido amañado

  3. Reply

    Estaba amañando el partido

    • Dzaki
    • February 11, 2021

    What is aB in the title?

  4. Reply

    the arena is dead, lul

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    If LA Galaxy did a 12-0 on Colorado Rapids, the FBI is on this and it would be the end of the Rapids as a franchise.

  7. Reply

    Fixed game

  8. Reply

    If barca b beat them 12-0 then imagine FC BARCELONA

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    Podia marca um amIstoso com os meninos da Vila do Santos FC ve vê se ele goleia assim os pia do Santos da base são show tbm é em Campos ruins aki do Brasil imagina nesse tapete ai

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    cucurella es mejor que digne

  12. Reply

    viva el BARCELONA

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    I knew this game was rigged. Later on two coaches, two players and some other trust fund person was arrested. Hahahaha

  14. Reply

    you little noobs , this is what they learn to you guys? you won 12 – 0 and now Eldense has been destroyed

  15. Reply

    this is the perfect winers

    • Chris
    • February 11, 2021

    Match was fixed…5 people are in jail for it…smfh

  16. Reply

    mauricio bernardi

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  18. Reply

    Too bad this match fixed

  19. Reply

    It looks like the goalkeeper of Eldense want to make some money off the game.

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    يجب انزال هاده الكلاب جماعتا إلا الهواة

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    someone give theme an oscar, best performance ever better than hollywood movies

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    When you play fifa vs your little brother

  24. Reply

    number 3 is very good player i appriciate what he do

  25. Reply

    Look at the goalie at 3:50 I'm sorry but he's a coward this team deserved to lose this bad

    • DA223
    • February 11, 2021

    Is it just me or is the #10 really similar to how messi plays and # 3 is a beast

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    what did goalkeeper keep eldense?!

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    Yuh amııınaa

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    madre mia el portero chacho

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    menudo amaño

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    stupid, FAKE SCORE. THIS IS why BArca is LOSER

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    coño el barcelona ganando como ESPAÑA A MALTA ,,,,,PUFFFFF

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    This Game are so fixed.

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    Un partido jugado en españa, todos los comentarios en ingles…Alguien entiende esto

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    vaya partido mas amañado, el portero del Eldense no sabe ni disimular….

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    what a shame, especially for that who cried after the game. you play drama you get karma.

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    number 3 fantastic!

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    El octavo gol.. mirad al portero.

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    Al portero del eldense casi no se le nota que se esta dejando

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    El amaño es clarísimo. La actitud de la defensa, sobretodo de los centrales y del portero es mas que sospechosa. Se dice que se pacto un 8-0 al descanso para el tema de las casas de las apuestas.
    En fin… vergonzoso.

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