Playin Soccer: High Intensity Soccer Drills – Training Session With a Subscriber!

Awesome Tip: High Intensity Soccer Drills – Training Session With a Subscriber!

Here is a great session to get you into soccer shape. These are five great exercises I rely on to make sure the player gets a well rounded session.

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    • Jmzy
    • February 1, 2021

    Million view hahaa

  1. Nice dada

  2. Thank you for sharing

  3. Good djop

  4. Hi javi sir can i take your phone no…and ii need your traning

  5. can you tell from where did you by those equipments

  6. good job,nice video

  7. New messi

  8. I loved this training today but it was so fun

  9. Need u

  10. Training with coach javi must be awesome

  11. I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how exactly Episoketren System will help you increase your soccer skills. Has anybody tried this popular training program?

  12. What are the yellow cones/hurdles called?

  13. What are the things you're hopping over in 2:16 ?

  14. Thanks for everything

  15. Anyone know the name of the thing he's standing on? 1:30

  16. Do you still coach in Rockford

  17. Wow I like it

  18. back at it again with the white vans

  19. soccer… could you just stop using that word, pal?

  20. Beautiful

  21. I like the way he trains

  22. 1:30
    What’s the name of the things he’s standing on

  23. Hi Coach Javi. I used this on both of my youth soccer players [ages: 11 and 12] and it was a great workout. We intend to add it to our arsenal of individual trainings' and looking forward for more sessions. Thank you!!

  24. Thanks coach.

  25. Can you provide the number of repetitions and sets for each exercise and the rest time between them? It was good

  26. Merci de nous montre technique

  27. Sir i also want to join your trainning session

  28. Coach Javi i am from Bakersfield Ca you have some good training skills and drills i coach for AYSO maybe you can find time to have a camp in my hometown you can be instrumental fro a plethora of kids to learn the game

  29. Can you do more referee

  30. Exercise 4 it was so much better with a good first touch ?

  31. can u come in UAE I like ur training

  32. At 1:34 what's the point of the sand bag or whatever that is if he keeps putting his foot down

  33. Question why u use the same technical drills I have been watching ur videos for 6 months and see the same is there any reason?

  34. Keep grinding.

  35. Thanks a lot!!

  36. we need session like this with coaching

  37. Question ? How many rest time between the exercices ?

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