Playin Soccer: High Intensity Soccer Drills To Improve – Passing – Receiving – Movement

Awesome Tip: High Intensity Soccer Drills To Improve – Passing – Receiving – Movement

The main focus of this was to get a high intensity session that incorporated a lot of movement. We started with some resistance training and then did a lot of quick movement patterns before a rapid fire finishing exercise. Make sure to subscribe for more!

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    Hey guys, this was a very good session with a lot of movement. It was more of an all around session but it was intense and he got lots of touches! Hope you guys are liking the training videos being put back up!

  2. Reply

    Where’d you buy the resistance band?

  3. Reply

    Can you post individual soccer drills for midfields

  4. Reply

    can u make defense drills for cb ? thanks .

    • Asher
    • February 22, 2021

    Can you do scouting in the UK!?

  5. Reply

    Can you do some drills that would help a CB out please great vid Btw

    • Asad
    • February 22, 2021

    Could you do individual drills

  6. Reply

    Your drills really help me out and help me become a better soccer player! 🙂

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    Hey can u pin

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