Playin Soccer: High Intensity Soccer Drills To Improve First Touch and Fitness [ADVANCED]

Awesome Tip: High Intensity Soccer Drills To Improve First Touch and Fitness [ADVANCED]

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  1. R Good stuffs! Isak looks in good form… Got my Coach Javi Academy shirt with a “Thank You” from El Chanfle! Super cool! I love it! Plan to wear it on Monday to train a couple of my U14 girls. Keep em comin!

  2. What are some ways to improve your soccer skills? I read lots of good reviews on the net about how Episoketren System can assist you increase your soccer technique. Has anyone tried using this popular training course?

  3. How does speed ladder drills work?

  4. Coach Javi What size mannequins were u using during the session.

  5. Really like this session. Can’t wait to try it now that summer is coming!

  6. u shuld show the results of his hard work, and show how he does in game

  7. I have pro soccer combines in a couple months. I’ll incorporate this in my training

  8. Deff when there’s no match or team session right?

  9. These are going to be perfect for me during my off season. Thanks Coach Javi!

  10. Love your videos mate

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