Playin Soccer: Her Very First Ever Training Session

Awesome Tip: Her Very First Ever Training Session

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  1. Reply

    Better than Isak?

  2. Reply

    You know a real coach when you see one and you are a good coach my man! keep up all the good work.

  3. Reply

    More of her lol, make this a thing

  4. Reply

    She is already better at football than me

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    Great training for her.

  7. Reply

    Bro she's bad

  8. Reply

    She bad tho

  9. Reply

    Boozer is too funny man!

  10. Reply

    Hi Javi, is there any way to make contact with you¿?, I am a spanish coach I have been coaching the last 3 years in England and as you can see I have a Youtube channel too.

  11. Reply

    She's too cute

  12. Reply

    She has potential

  13. Reply

    I'm Cabten Hamada you Good Coach and I Love you Good Lack

  14. Reply

    She's good but she got to work hard

  15. Reply

    Looking like Tony Ferguson’s twin lol

  16. Reply

    When are you ever gonna have a camp In Los Angeles still waiting for it Coach

  17. Reply

    Looks like she could play. Her touches are on point

  18. Reply

    She a baddy ❤️

  19. Reply

    How can I be soccer coach I kind of give my playing I have bad injury rigth now

  20. Reply

    Not to bad

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    Connor fan? Oh man!! I thought you were better than that. CM is a punk! I still love ya though! You should fight Mighty Mouse…LOL You’re coaching point was funny! She did great! Can we see some teacher’s league?? I wish my new players could learn to lock their ankles that quickly. Good stuffs!

  22. Reply

    No pues no coach. I bet que también le vas a las horribles y apestosas chivas. Cómo que McNuggets?

  23. Reply

    Javi “El Bubu Lubu”

  24. Reply

    Please make this a series! Best part was “uncoachable” scene as her face was priceless. Respect on helping your significant other as it’s going to be a challenge but she’s seems very keen to improve. Good luck sir!

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    Hello coach javi, I live in Gurnee playing for the Freshman A team. Is there any advice you can give me we have a championship game tomorrow

  26. Reply

    Also, when’s the wedding?

  27. Reply

    Is the coaches convention in January worth going? It’s like $300 just for a single ticket

  28. Reply

    Don Chanfle was like eh visto mejores peleas en mi barrio. 2 chill

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    Hey Coach Javi how do you improve awareness of space teammates and opponents in the centre of the park I'm good with the ball moving it and playing simple but when it comes to an 11v11 I struggle when I'm facing my own goal and when someone's on my back

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    Best tip was lose the girliness x)

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