Playin Soccer: 🤯🎾 Head tennis showdown and INSANE skills in training

Awesome Tip: 🤯🎾 Head tennis showdown and INSANE skills in training

The players not on international duty were still hard at work at Ciutat Esportiva today, showing some incredible ball work in some head-tennis and shooting exercises.


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  1. Reply

    name of the song please

  2. Pique with the kids haha

  3. Reply

    Umtiti is so underrated man

  4. Reply

    seems like you need some Headis Tables & Ballls around there!

  5. Reply

    This team will lose everything this year again and again …

  6. Reply

    Come to the ends get slapped

  7. Reply

    Play dembouz maaan. Pls…

  8. Reply

    All fun n games until Dembele injured again

  9. Reply

    Use messi as main striker and ansu fati and alcantra as supportive .
    No need of slow griezmann at the front.

  10. Reply

    where is the king .. ഈ കൂട്ടത്തിലെ കൊമ്പൻ എവിടെ…..

  11. Reply

    Dembelé es el pto amo del tenis futbol

  12. Reply

    For the life of me I can’t understand why Pique and Umtitti is still on the team. I got a bad feeling this year. I think will be lucky to get one trophy out of six.

  13. Reply

    What that song twenty four seven thing

  14. I would love to see Umtiti match fit again. Dembele, puig and trincao needs more playing time

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    This coach needs to play Braithwaite before he regrets it like with Coutinho when he was sent to bayern

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