Playin Soccer: HAT-TRICK AND FILTHY NUTMEG! Coach Javi Smashes it in Sunday League

Awesome Tip: HAT-TRICK AND FILTHY NUTMEG! Coach Javi Smashes it in Sunday League

Champion Grind:

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  1. Reply

    Heated and Intense lol

  2. Reply

    other side was terrible, made u guys look good

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    Is this amateur league? I can def hang with you guys …

    • Jr B
    • February 2, 2021

    Does your back hurt from carrying the team?

  5. Reply

    That wasn’t even a “filthy” meg. It was just a regular meg

  6. Reply

    You're really quick the ball I love that skill

  7. Reply

    Soccer locker?

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    Coach Javi you come into my relate vids a lot and i watch them since i’m huge into futbol. i have to sub after this man, you’re a great player, v humble.

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    More of this!!!

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    Not trying to take away from coach javi but these guys are mediocre

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    Clearly you were the ringer there… Looked relaxed, but enjoyable

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    This was my first time watching u and I LOVED it

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    Damn you blew up. I swear I subbed when you had like 5k now look at you

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    orange team was wack lol

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    That speed thooooooooo

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    Great goal

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    Brilliant, Mate!! Champion Grind looks awesome! Loved the, come on come on, as you sped past them down the wing and released the missile with the left! Niiiieeeece!

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    I only disliked cause you dabbed

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    The time he knew 8:06 he oofed up

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    Was that the brown pirlo on the field? Lol great show coach Javi⚽️

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    Ref gave you a red card for putting on Icy Hot on the field 2:16.

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    The goalkeeper on the other team is kind of inconsistent
    He made some good saves but also made some mistakes

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    Yea that one guy when i ref would give me shit too. But after awhile he shuts up and spends his time on the bench. Lol he talks so much and isnt any good like E said.

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    Why didn't you perform like this during the championship game you loss

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    And that’s why you don’t talk shit during the game. That guy was talking shit to Coach Javi so Javi decided to actually try which led to the whooping.

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    Funniest comment

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    Oof what a performance!

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    Yes! I’m here early.

  30. Myths say that this guy is still searching for the ball

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