Playin Soccer: Gym Routine You Can Do The Day Before Or After A Soccer Game! Jog – Stretch – Abs

Awesome Tip: Gym Routine You Can Do The Day Before Or After A Soccer Game! Jog – Stretch – Abs

Hey guys, here is a quick and easy gym routine that I like to do the day before or after a game just to get my legs moving and my muscles stretched out. Enjoy!

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  1. Thus routine are great I alway use before my soccer match and it helpful thank you coach

  2. Hey coach! I use this routine on the regular. Thank you man

  3. hey this video is good but aren't you supposed to not do static stretching for 24 hours before a game

  4. Haha en je bent nog steeds geen prof

  5. I have done all of it trust me guys it's perfect thing to do before training and a game

  6. Amazing video Javi! Quick question. For the stretches & exercises, should there be reps of each? If so, what do you recommend?

  7. Why did you delete the video a day in life of a college player?

  8. I always watch ads. Great content.

  9. Hey Coach Javi I'm going back to playing, and in that time off I gained some weight. What do you suggest I should do in the gym. I have a good amount of muscle but have some fat too.

  10. Some of the warmups you did I would do those while I was worming up before playing in games or practice

  11. xJavifits any- body. wfk

  12. For how long each exercise?

  13. Definitely that's what I need for this weekend pre warm up

  14. Thank u very much and great job on the videos keep it up!

  15. Best on Youtube thanks for the content these videos are very helpful for athletes around the world.

  16. Hi I play on Concorde fire 01 and we r classic 1, I am also on the ga odp team and on my high school varsity team. Do u think that this is a good level to be playing at for my age in order to one day play college? Please answer this question. Thank you

  17. Man if I had a trainer like you I would be 100% fit for my college soccer season!

  18. very helpful video man! thanks!

  19. nice bro

  20. Amazing video !!

  21. man like javi ur video is bangers trust me brudda

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