Playin Soccer: 👶🍼 GUESS THE BABY: Can KOEMAN guess who these BABY PLAYERS are?

Awesome Tip: 👶🍼 GUESS THE BABY: Can KOEMAN guess who these BABY PLAYERS are?

Koeman takes the GUESS THE BABY challenge. Will he be able to guess who are all these baby players?


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    Suarez: Coutinho
    Dembele: Tony Parker
    Koeman: Busquets

  3. Reply

    why we always LOSE

  4. Reply

    Piqué? I think is Riqui puig

  5. Reply

    0:51 "Sergi roberto, nashe"

  6. Reply

    One of the all time greats in FC Barcelona history and in PSV Eindhoven history. Ronald Koeman is amazing.

  7. Reply

    He used play for barcelona

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    what 's your faforite colour
    Koeman: Busquets

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    Como cuando le preguntan a koeman con quien no va contar 0:57

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    The tasteless botany bilaterally expand because step-daughter analogously tour vice a blushing tulip. heavenly heavy hellish, scientific question

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    I Love Barça

  12. Reply

    That’s why you keep playing Busquets even he is too slow at the field.

  13. Reply

    Komann the best trainer!!

  14. Reply

    Messi you the

  15. Reply

    Messi will sign for PSG

  16. Reply

    Us prego que creeu un subtítol indonesi

  17. Reply

    Wow Koeman is terrible at this

  18. pon a riqui mierda

  19. Reply

    Barca is not playing good this season

  20. Reply

    Koran is the worst

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    of course maradona

  23. Reply

    Now I see why busquets is always on koeman's starting eleven even after bad performances!

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    a Messi lo reconoci por que se parece a su hijo

  25. برسا العشق

  26. Reply

    acierta a busquets… -lo conozco bien, por eso lo se

    koeman los ultimos 20 niños..- busquets?

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    Very litle messi but still with tropie

  30. Reply

    If you didn’t know I used to play for Barcelona

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    Komen pleas leave the club

  32. Reply

    We need a new president.

  33. Reply

    I don't like saying this much but I used to play for Barcelona: Koeman

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