Playin Soccer: Guardiola & Koeman: goals to remember

Awesome Tip: Guardiola & Koeman: goals to remember

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    • Dery
    • February 13, 2021

    Bartomeu resigned, Juve 0-2 Barça.
    What a week!

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    This is when Barca were good

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    As well many times more exciting!

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    I do not know why, I prefer to remember Barcelona's Goal of Luis Suares "El Pistolero". Many times more than (Kuman+Guardiola) goals

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    Dream Team

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    Ah que guardiola metio algún gol ? Pensaba que El era solo posesión , y pase ….y pase….y pase….y pase….y pase……etc….

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    Pep & Koeman has same number 4 ?

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    They were monsters

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    Video: 3 Years ago
    Comments: 1 to 2 weeks ago

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    Pep has to go back to Barcelona and coach Messi next summer

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    0:44 guardiola looking like young Djokovic

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    Koeman Out

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    Vous gagné de l’argent et nous on vous suit comme des con vous allez vous faire foutre ok

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    If messi leaves us no barcelona anymore and no one could bring the joy he used to give to us this is so sad god let him stay plz catalan barcelona fans do something go and protest in front of messi house or the board kick bartameiu out

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    Who keeps messi. Guardiola or Koeman ?

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    Koeman and Bartolomeu aut to day Messi=Barcelona

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    Cómo dejamos ir a pep

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    Bartomeu out!

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    So Pep was Koeman's captain! Makes sense now why Koeman will never be at Pep's level

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    Fuck off

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    Those kappa jerseys are nice

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    Has manchado el escudo Bartomeu! Jamás te lo perdonáremos

    • TariQ
    • February 13, 2021

    Bartomeu and Koeman out!

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    i will never rest if Barcelone don't get their revenge with bayern

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    Yes come on YouTube recommend all these things and raid my home page

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    Lagen lagend Ronald

    • Yuki
    • February 13, 2021

    Thanks for recommending this to me in 2020

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    Lol recomended

    • So1o
    • February 13, 2021

    Who’s here after he’s our manager !

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    Who is here after koemans appointment

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