Playin Soccer: Guard of honor. Champions La Liga 2018-19

Awesome Tip: Guard of honor. Champions La Liga 2018-19

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  1. Reply

    I think YouTube is Trolling Barcelona.

  2. Reply

    So much respect for Celta. Always liked them and good that they won us because they need the points more than us

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    Barcelona is gonna be useless as soon as you left, keep scoring and defeating the enemy

  4. Reply

    We discovered the repack

  5. Reply

    Celta club señor

  6. Reply

    acerles el pasillo para que te dejen ganar Bien pensado Woody

  7. Reply

    And then barca let them win in return,cards well played

  8. Reply

    they gave us the gaurd of honour, we gave them 3 points, fair trade hahahahaha

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    ❤❤❤FC Barcelona is the best football Club in in the World!!!❤❤❤…

  10. Reply

    Did we just lose?

  11. Reply

    Still Barcelona B team couldn't defeat Celtic. I doubt Dembele's ability

  12. Reply

    Gracias celta

  13. Reply

    Straight respect from Celta
    Well done

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    I don't why I feel this way about dembele, anytime he's out of the field I loose appetite for the entire match, looks like I'm already preparing for life after Messi. visca FCB

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    Celta defeated the champion team.Not bad.

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    CABALLEROS los del Celta.

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    I don't see the players who really want to show what they can do, when given the chance?? Oo i think they like to be used when we are just completing the timetable, stupid Prince + Keeper!!!!!?

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    Respect and get respected

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    Beautiful 🙁

  22. Reply

    0:07 Malcom was looking to gorrila it was like chimpanzee minds football

  23. Сельта молодчики чемпионский коридор

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  25. They were lucky..hahaha..B team given guard of Honour

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    Grande Celta, bonito gesto hacia el campeón!!!

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    Gracies Celta

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