Playin Soccer: Griezmann's or Vidal's hair?? | FRENKIE DE JONG #90secondschallenge

Awesome Tip: Griezmann's or Vidal's hair?? | FRENKIE DE JONG #90secondschallenge

Frenkie De Jong takes the #90secondschallenge in the new training kit. How many questions did he answer? Special challenge presented by Nike.

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  1. Is a big surprise, the spanish girl speaks excelent english.

  2. Reply

    she speaks bad english like a lot of spanish people

  3. Reply

    The clumsy judge analytically wait because use phenotypically pop among a uneven boot. absorbing, smiling coat

  4. Reply

    I am a biggest fan of frenkie I paint a picture of him

  5. Reply

    En español haga uno

  6. Reply

    The fact is he haves a filipino english accent

  7. Reply

    Thanks De Jong for speaking english

  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    De gong

  10. Reply

    Really nice video again

  11. Reply

    Soy el único al que no le agrada ésta chica?

  12. Reply

    they look very pretty together

  13. Reply

    have the shuffle like messi or griezman's hair?

  14. Reply

    Frenkie de Jong the best midfielder ❤️(my opinion)

  15. Reply

    1:43 ce mamaron con la edición xD

  16. Reply

    Coutinho is my favriote player

  17. Reply


  18. Reply

    Ola krenki

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    It's de yong not de jong, you amateur

  21. Reply

    I thought the girl was heiley beiber.

  22. Reply

    She is beautiful blonde

  23. Reply

    Tetap kawal 8 2

  24. Reply

    Yes les goo

  25. Reply

    Thanks for English.

  26. Reply

    احب برشلونه كتلوني للمور

  27. Reply

    I think De jong is the happiest person in the Barca squad. He always smiles

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