Playin Soccer: Griezmann prepares for his first #ElClásico

Awesome Tip: Griezmann prepares for his first #ElClásico

Antoine Griezmann looks ahead to Wednesday’s top of the table clash with Barça’s biggest rivals in the first Clásico of the season, and the first of the forward’s FC Barcelona career!

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  1. El Clásico is coming right away… but before that, we've got our Champions League draw on Monday. Turn on your notifications for our Champions League draw liveshow here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mJIsUpcjOM and after that… Clásico mood!

  2. Hazard is better than Griezmann.

  3. Like for spanish of griezmann

  4. one of worst buy ever …. and valvarde just fuck off barca

  5. فيسكاا برساا بلتوفيق

  6. 2:56
    Anto tomando mate me muero!! Jajaja

  7. And Frenike’s❤️

  8. Griezmann power)

  9. I think Messi doesnt care about Neymar anymore because he look so happy with Griezmann.

  10. Vamos barsa con todo al clásico con un 4 a 1 afavor del barsa listos muchachos vamos messi Suárez Grizman

  11. Messi will score

    • Gary
    • January 31, 2021

    Wit good is playing keepie ups with the head? Where's the intence training that barca clearly lack

    • Gary
    • January 31, 2021

    Hope messi rips them a new one asper usual, hes on 26 goals 14/15 assists crazy numbers hope he gets over 30 goals time he gets his slippers out

  12. Where is de jong?

  13. Vamos✌

  14. Forza BARCELLONA ❤️❤️❤️

  15. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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