Playin Soccer: Griezmann, De Jong and Neto in first Barça workout

Awesome Tip: Griezmann, De Jong and Neto in first Barça workout

The 2019-20 pre-season is underway for FC Barcelona. It began on Monday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva, where the first of two sessions scheduled for the day was completed by all available first team players, including the newest incorporations, Frenkie de Jong, Neto, and Antoine Griezmann.
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  1. Reply

    Antoine Griezmann

  2. Reply

    Visca el barca de catalunya

  3. Reply

    Where neymar????

  4. Reply

    Where neymar??

  5. Reply

    Where neymar

  6. Reply

    Where Neymar??

  7. Reply

    Where is messi

  8. Reply

    Frenkie & Messi together is going to be such a joy to watch!

  9. Reply

    Apakah bisa mendapat asa Barcelona di tahun ini karna udh di perkuat oleh gritmen dan de Jong dan lain untuk mendapat kan tropi champion,Krn udh lama berpuasa gelar champion…. CHENNEL RADJA KEBAB.BANTU DUKUNG

  10. Reply

    1:13 is it Neymar respond as possible pls

  11. Reply

    Next level

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    How to get neymar Jr suggestion coutinho and dembele + 90 million

  14. Reply

    Un pequeño cuerpo femenino

    • fuz1
    • February 6, 2021

    First thing y’all do when u sign some new players: literally slap them in the back lmao

  15. Reply

    We’re is Messi and Suarez

  16. Reply

    the music on these uploads is ludacris

  17. Reply

    For the next season please a Marco Reus or a Ndombele

  18. Reply

    Where is Messi and Suarez

  19. Reply

    Where’s leo?

  20. Reply

    Doe de groetjes aan frenkie

  21. Reply

    Where is messi ( the best)

    • A. G
    • February 6, 2021

    Barcelona’s future midfield will be sick, they have De Jong, Arthur, Riqui Puig, and Alena

  22. Reply

    Wheres Messi & Suárez

  23. Reply

    And messi and the another boys

  24. Reply

    countinho ikut gak??

  25. Reply

    مشاهد من العراق

  26. Reply

    Lembro do Neto no Atlético-PR defendendo um pênalti…

  27. Reply

    Jordi Alba is in left back

  28. Reply

    No grezmian will go striker

  29. Reply

    Post more training videos please. Man City and Bayern have the best youtube channels because they post a lot more content that we can enjoy watching.

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    se ve un buen equipo para esta temporada O_o

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    De Jong is like a mixture of xavi and Iniesta, barca has a world class midfielder now

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    Look at Valverde there, sitting and lost in thoughts on how to bottle another 3 goal lead already.

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    Announce Neymar!!!

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    Ahora el Barcelona es un equipazo y que tenemos a Messi a griezmann y al nuevo arquero Bienvenido griezmann y el nuevo arquero

  37. Reply

    You'll still choke like every year

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    how about china summer tour ????

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    welcome to barca Griezmann Frenkie and Neto

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    Where is messi?

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  43. Reply

    Los tres fuerza muchachos De Jong,Neto y Griezmann

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