Playin Soccer: Got sole? Futsal soccer drills for control and coordination

Awesome Tip: Got sole? Futsal soccer drills for control and coordination

Pair futsal skills and drills will help you improve your control of the ball, particularly with the sole of the foot, and communication with teammates, as players must work together to be successful with these drills. Includes a variation of a fun game that focuses on the first touch.

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    Good job guys !!!!

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    We have a futsal team in our school. Our school isn’t popular or big, there’s only a few people. It’s an korean immersion school. We had 3 games already and we have one more game left the week after next week. And we didn’t win any game yet. We are called Sejong girls. I hope we will win the next game so please help us win. I would be grateful if you did. Please hope for us. Thank you for reading this. Have a nice day.

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    These guys are good.  Looks difficult to master.

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    what is the name of the song..??? hihhihi

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    Pls do more

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    great drills – Thx!

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    Good video!!

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    great vedieo …..thanks

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    Great video keep up the good work :))

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