Playin Soccer: GoPro – Day in the Life of a Professional Footballer⁴

Awesome Tip: GoPro – Day in the Life of a Professional Footballer⁴

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  1. Reply

    Should we make this a series??

  2. Reply

    Do more video pleasee!

  3. Reply

    How are u professional and not have a house

  4. Reply

    Why do u take ur skate if u don't use it

  5. Reply

    Minnesota United!

  6. Reply

    I met him when he was at mnufc!

  7. Reply

    I have a question
    Can I become a Professional Footballer if I train every day really hard, workout every day, believe in myself, and take care of what I eat?
    i am always train more then a normal player at my age(13)

  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    When are you going to do a twitch stream?

  10. Reply

    Kevin is an incredibly attractive athlete and I’ve just learned we use the same cooking pan. The nonstick ability of it blows my mind every morning when I’m cooking scrambled eggs. Anyways, Kevin heavily lacks the ability to efficiently cut carrots but makes up for it with his phenomenal touch and high level of skill. These defined skills allow him to be the great playmaker he is.

  11. Reply

    I love your videos they are so authentic and you really get to see what happens behind the scenes

  12. Reply

    Let’s gooooo hype af for this vid

  13. Reply

    Day in the life of a AMERICAN pro footballer

  14. Reply

    Kevin, who’s better you or JD? Lol.

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    Michael Kafari plays for Detroit???

  17. Reply

    The goat is back

  18. Reply

    I wanna see it bro

  19. Reply

    Cant wait

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