Playin Soccer: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of Coach Javi

Awesome Tip: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of Coach Javi

Want to know what a day in the life of Coach Javi looks like? Here you go! Make sure to subscribe. Big news coming soon for the channel. Stay tuned!

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    Nice video man. I listen to that radio station too love it 😉

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    I want your life!!!

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    Who else thought it was Logan paul in the thumbnail

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    Man of culture I see, you like your sugar with coffee.

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    Cringey mexican

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    YOU have the same computer as me

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    on the thumb nail is that logan paul. number 27?

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    5% Arsnal fan

    99% sugar

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    Vc é gay

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    I bet that coffe is still not sweet

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    Woah now that’s a lot of sugar

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    Who else look right at the comments while he put the sugar

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    Yo why is 7pm so bright ?????

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    RIP match canceled lighting.

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    Traduz pro Brasil!!!!

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    americans saying mate is not nice

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    Pov: 4 49 wakes up i have yet to go to sleep wooooo go me

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    Oh god he says mate

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    You boys are out of shape pours 5 pounds of surfer in his coffee

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    The worst feeling ever: When a match/training is cancelled due to lightning.

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    I am not gonna be coach. Thank u for this video 🙂 . What a long day man.

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    you sure do like sugar sirup in cereal and 98% of coffe sugar

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