Playin Soccer: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player

Awesome Tip: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player

Ever wondered what game day looks like from the perspective of a top level division 1 soccer player? Step inside Severin Sorlie’s shoes and see what it looks like!

Day in the Life 2:

Day in the Life 3:

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Masked Heroes by Vexento

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    If you guys liked this, check out a recent video of mine, where we go behind the scenes with my new team for an away match!

  2. Reply

    Plot twist- the miss at the buffet literally was already famous

  3. Reply

    he was eating mth dew and south pack viado

    • Jay
    • January 31, 2021

    Lol I I live 7 mins away from GWU

  4. Reply

    hoooollllllyyy the food, so much bullshit in 1 day ….

  5. Reply

    he’s an everton fan letssss gooooo

  6. Reply

    Man this motivates me to play college soccer

  7. Reply

    Shalalalalalala ooo leicter city lalalalalalala ooo leicter city lalalalalalala ooo leicter city

  8. Reply

    Kayak logo indo

  9. Reply

    7:28: 2020
    7:47: 2021

    • ً
    • January 31, 2021

    He skipped the part were they were about to say his name…..

  10. Reply

    Nice norsk

  11. Reply
  12. Reply

    this is actually so interesting

  13. Reply

    When the coach is making the cocus I stress too much and I play horrible after

  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    At 3:33 he say ooff

  16. Reply

    Are you score goal?

  17. Reply

    I am from Drammen

  18. Reply

    Hahaha 606 å i helvete haha

  19. Reply

    Norway i see

  20. Reply


  21. Reply

    This is what I want to watch

  22. Reply

    face palm american soccer players that only know thgat

  23. Reply

    Er du fra Norge

  24. Reply

    'å i Helvete' to the short black guy….

  25. Reply

    Im u12s and im in premiership

  26. Reply

    not soccer

  27. Reply


  28. Reply

    As a brit I am appalled that u dare call it "soccer" its football for crying out loud

  29. Reply

    Er du norsk som meg

    • T3M1
    • January 31, 2021

    if it was me my coach wld get the team and train the whole day

  30. Reply

    how could you be pro and call this sport the way you call it

    • RLO
    • January 31, 2021

    0:05 Vexento – Masked Heores

  31. Reply

    The fact that he is a coach now amazes me

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