Playin Soccer: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player³

Awesome Tip: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player³

Step into Koloko’s shoes and see a day in his life playing soccer (football) at the highest collegiate level in the US! Koloko won the 2017 PDL National Championship with the Charlotte Eagles and is one of the best central midfielders in the college game. Enjoy!

Day in the Life 1: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player

Day in the Life 2: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player²

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  1. Reply

    Koloko was one of the first players I trained individually. His hard work led him to a PDL national championship. If you want to follow his journey, go follow him on instagram @kolokinho_

  2. Reply

    2:06 I like your cut g

  3. Reply

    I can go d1 fs after seeing this

  4. Reply

    Where do you study?

  5. Reply

    I think your team should play more forward and press the opposite team high on their side. But still congradulations.

  6. Reply

    Bro did he ever eat that subway sandwich lol

  7. Reply

    Ar you mislim

  8. Reply

    I watched the video until he said you’ll never walk alone

  9. Reply

    What conference is this sir

  10. Reply

    Was it pre-season?

  11. Reply

    No hate for Kolo but I disliked cuz he supports liverpool

  12. Reply

    Omg this panna 8:35

  13. Reply

    lui c'est un camerounais haha l'accent

  14. Reply

    Kolo reminds me a lot about Pogba. So similar playsryle and very stable with the ball

  15. Reply

    Tu parles français ??

  16. Reply

    90% passing. no hate but i kinda wanna see some skill moves

  17. Reply

    8:34 no ones talking about that panna tho

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