Playin Soccer: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player²

Awesome Tip: GoPro – A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player²

Ismael takes us through his day for this one. I didn’t want to leave any of it out or show a picture that isn’t realistic. Some days you get the W, some days you lose 5-0. That’s the reality of the sport. Let me know what you think!

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  1. I’m coming at the future, I’m in 2021, the coronavirus’re more stronge

  2. Your team needs a new goalie

  3. Nice vid

  4. Your goalie sucks man he is dog shit

  5. Sapa goleada jaja.. Tienen que ficharme a mi de 9

  6. No masks? OUTRAGEOUS

  7. Worst defender

  8. Biggest flop video 2020

    • Blxo
    • January 31, 2021

    which country ?

  9. 6:01 WTF is that Alphonso Davies?

  10. I have felt that defeat because my first match I played we lose 0-5

  11. You need a new keeper by the looks of it

  12. Bro at 1:11 he has COVID

  13. Good video, but the level of American football is lamentable, greetings from Argentina

  14. y'all shit

  15. Español


  17. At 3:32 I had aimbot

  18. Division 1 goal keeper mor like division 3

  19. You trash

  20. The keeper need more training

  21. You need a better keeper tbh

  22. Ostias que es español

  23. Y’all need a new keeper and defenders who can correctly man mark

  24. Dude with the beer belly wrecked yall

  25. the goalkeeper is bad and defenders are even worst, of course only division 1 and, so we can't expect them to play like European games, they need more training, if they want to be a professional player. This is very bad. 7:56 no one is following the ball.

    • erik
    • January 31, 2021

    This is sunday league in europe

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