Playin Soccer: Google CEO pays visit to FC Barcelona

Awesome Tip: Google CEO pays visit to FC Barcelona

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai visited FC Barcelona during his stay in the city for Mobile World Congress (MWC), the most important mobile industry trade fair in the world which has been taking place over the last few days at the Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona. FC Barcelona was represented at MWC on its opening day by President Josep Maria Bartomeu who made a speech in which he announced the presentation of the Barça Innovation Hub project on 22 March.

Pichai was welcomed by President Bartomeu at the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí near to the city of Barcelona where he visited La Masia and attended a first team training session led by coach Luis Enrique. The Google CEO also took the opportunity to meet the first team players and received a signed Barça jersey bearing his name from captain Andrés Iniesta.

El CEO de Google, Sundar Pichai, hizo una visita al FC Barcelona aprovechando su presencia en la ciudad con motivo del Mobile World Congress, el salón más importante del mundo de la industria de las comunicaciones móviles que se celebra estos días en el recinto de Gran Vía de Fira de Barcelona. El club azulgrana tuvo presencia en la primera jornada del congreso con la ponencia que pronunció el presidente Josep Maria Bartomeu para anunciar el proyecto Barça Innovation Hub, que será presentado el próximo 22 de marzo.

Pichai fue recibido por el presidente Bartomeu, el director de deportes profesionales, Albert Soler, y Francesco Calvo, Chief Revenue Officer del Club, en la Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Joan Despí, donde pudo visitar las instalaciones de la residencia de la Masía y también asistió al final del entrenamiento del equipo de Luis Enrique. El director general de Google tuvo la oportunidad de saludar a los jugadores del primer equipo, y habló unos minutos con Luis Enrique, al que recordaba de su época como jugador, y con el secretario técnico, Robert Fernández. El capitán, Andrés Iniesta, le hizo entrega de una camiseta azulgrana personalizada con su nombre.

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  1. Reply

    One Day He Will Be President of India…..

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    Who's here before Barca is in big debt and this guy can help us

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    Sundar pichai is from tamilnadu

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    he is ceo for a reason he saw messis future with barcelona then itself

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    Suarez voice was so rough 1:43

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    Sundar pichai – The man who raised the standards of google and brought them to new heights
    Bartemou – the man who destroyed barcelona .

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    Sundar Pichai : keep Messi though
    2021: He might be forced to leave

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    I love sunder pichai

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    Bertomuo out

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    A man without pride..sundhar piche❤️❤️❤️

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    where is neymar???

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    As American say "U keep Reserved we take deserved"

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    Can Google buy Barcelona please so all the money problems can be fixed.

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    He is too down to earth humbleness at its best

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    CEO is so humble

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    Iam proud to be an Indian

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    Writing a comment after an amazing debut of Suarez At Atlético!!!

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    Muscles has left the body

  19. We love my bro

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    He did his homework pretty well

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    Tamilan da

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    i see genuine humbleness in Pichai unlike my boss, sorry to say though…

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    Google analytics team is the best in the world. He said ' Keep Messi ' as he must have already shared reports of his Messi's google search. Basically Google is God!

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    In the end " Keep Messi tho "

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    Google tracks everything Lol at the end Sundar says "keep messi though" and still president is failing him(us all).

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    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life…….

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    Nos vemos Bueno gracias uno ramos

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    Contact me for drone vliegen

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    Making Tamizhans proud Sundar Pichai sir

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    Sundar pichai looks like Suarez brothers who agrees hit like

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    Keep messi tho…this doesnt age well

    • Sam
    • February 1, 2021

    That’s the moment when Bartomeu should have left

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    For entire 4 minute I smiled ..

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    Haha sundar pichai talks to Messi about goal against bayern, btw I am from future I predict that Barça will lose to bayern 8 – 2

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    Keep Messi though……

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    "Keep Messi, though." Has a whole new meaning!
    Only Google can tell you that "you signed up for this" after screwing you over. But well done Barcelona for heeding to Pichai's advise lol

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