Playin Soccer: 🔥 GOALS, SKILLS, ASSISTS, … 🔥 The BEST from 2020

Awesome Tip: 🔥 GOALS, SKILLS, ASSISTS, … 🔥 The BEST from 2020

Enjoy the very best skills, tricks, actions, nutmegs, and more from Barça in 2020 in the Champions League.


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  1. Reply

    Hmmm.. if we go back to 2015 barca's highlights, we can easily say that they were enough for 1 hour video and not only 9 mins.

  2. Reply

    If u keep messi happy, Barca will become the best again

  3. Reply

    The fixed speedboat generically pack because brandy actually screw via a overjoyed pediatrician. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, petite battle

  4. Reply

    6:22 that suarez goal against bayern was a masterclass

  5. Reply

    honestly most of this stuff looks pretty average no super crazy goals or assists but i guess this was a bad year for everyone

  6. Reply

    Apareció más Suárez que Griezmann, como se te extraña Pistolero 🙁

  7. Reply

    Griezmann volley

  8. Reply

    2021 on veut un nouveau visage visca el Barça

  9. Reply

    3 0 juventus

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    Barcelona you guys got this were still in round 16 of champions leauge we can do it

  12. Reply

    Were is Messi's tribute goal

  13. Reply

    "Aquí no hay quien viva".
    El holandés errante y reiterante.
    Próxima estación otro equipo de Blaugrana.
    Desde el Alcoraz llega el Huesca para iniciar el año para clasificarse 'por los pelos' a la Champions, aunque pintan bastos.
    Definitivamente Koeman Tata Cuatro, más conocido por caja fuerte.
    Jugadores de la sopa boba.
    Hasta el día 1 vacaciones con dos COLLONS.
    Laporta salva este Club!!!

  14. Reply

    expel araujo, is a loser

  15. Reply

    Visca Barça❤

  16. Reply

    Dembele is great

  17. Reply

    We need memphes depay

  18. Reply

    Why doesnt riqui puig get a chance…..he pedri and messi will form a great trio

  19. Reply


  20. 8 minutos para todo 2020… F por messi

  21. Reply

    Visca barcelona

  22. Reply

    Missed the tribute to maradona

  23. Reply

    barca need to improve

  24. Reply

    They really had the audacity to include the Bayern game in this 🙁

  25. Reply


  26. Reply

    Why is nobody talking about Ansu Fanti thanking DeJong for the assist at 5:30

  27. Reply

    When Ansu fati is back

  28. Reply

    6:52 The Goat Leo Messi

  29. Reply

    Como se logra conectar Dembele con Jordi de esa manera Y Pedri con Messi el Barca queda en buenas manos

  30. Reply

    Mingueza,Araujo,Dest,Lenglet,Pedri,Puig,De Jong,Alena,Dembele,Fati,Trincao, y Braithwaite Nazario Son el Futuro de este gran club ojala no los desperdicien.
    Diganle a Dempele que se alimente de alimentos que harian sus huesos mas fuertes ya no queremos que se lesione es increible cada dos partidos que juega anota y da asistencias buenardovich

  31. Reply

    I hope griezmann returns to the top of his best

  32. Reply


  33. Reply

    Barca Mes Que Un Club Por Siempre

  34. Reply

    I thought Messi's goal dedicated to Maradona would even come first.

  35. Reply

    Bold of you to play moments from the match againsg Bayern

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