Playin Soccer: Goals ⚽ Rondos 💫 Intensity 🔥

Awesome Tip: Goals ⚽ Rondos 💫 Intensity 🔥

Ousmane Dembélé is working hard at Ciutat Esportiva as he battles to be fit for active duty again. On Tuesday his recovery program included a workout at the Barça training ground, Don’t miss the best images of the training session.


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  1. I love Barcelona

  2. Viva Ousmane

  3. barcelonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • anon
    • February 11, 2021

    Hope that dembele returns and proves his worth across a span of 10 matches without getting injured until Setien persists at Barca! 'Cuz for setien continues at barca, Dembele s bound to get backing, setien believes in him more than anyone else around!!

  4. Just have the faith you had with vamaleen don't sell him he got the potential

  5. Dembouzz

  6. Dembouz don't let your teammates screw you, stay strong till the next president !

  7. Get Neymar

  8. Sell Dembele

  9. Visca el Barça!!!!!

  10. Why am i soo happy seeing Dembele…we have missed you lad!

  11. Let's hope dembele stays fully fit next season

  12. Intensity?Where?

  13. So much of training turned out to cost us the one thing we used to win…

  14. Barcelona sucks n only in training they show off but when the real deal comes they falter

  15. Bertomeu out

  16. Why am i soo happy seeing Dembele…we have missed you lad!


  18. Si la próxima temporada dembele tiene una lesión de gravedad se lo tendría que vender ya vamos 3 temporadas y ninguna podo jugar como se debe

  19. Ni a villa se le tuvo paciencia que se debió,y a dembele barra libre

  20. 2:55 ça fait longtemps que je ne l’ai pas vu lui

  21. Yes finally the engine is back

  22. Fati, Dembele, De Jong, and Lenglet.
    We have a great young foundation!

  23. Si solo en los entrenamientos hacen goles y se divierten … los felicito sigan asi… El napoles les espera

  24. Oh nice, he is back…aaaaaaaaaaand he is injured.

  25. Si para que para perder 1 a 2

  26. Todo eso para perder la liga

  27. Dont sell dembele pliss

  28. de poco les sirvió malos qlos

  29. I am the only one here after the defeat prove me wrong by liking

  30. They played exceptionally bad

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