Playin Soccer: 🔥 GOALS, GOALS & more GOALS in training! ⚽

Awesome Tip: 🔥 GOALS, GOALS & more GOALS in training! ⚽

Barça’s attackers were on fire at Ciutat Esportiva today as the team prepared to face Elche in tomorrow night’s Camp Nou La Liga clash! Go behind the scenes of the session.


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  1. We need goals in match

  2. For all barcelona players to consistently win and be able to win, the way is, play very aggressively, have high spirits to win, press opponents in all areas, press high in all areas … front, center, back, must have a strong, powerful physique. You have to be dominant on all fronts, create lots of chances with good backs and crosses, you have to defend strong and you have to have sharp finishes … be sure and confident you can win every game.

  3. psg 4 vs 1 barcelona, ​​psg 0 vs 2 monaco ,, barcelona loses, and monaco alone can win with psg, the way is by presing high in all areas, quickly snatching the ball from Kylian Mbappe's feet, every time Kylian Mbappe gets the ball, it's immediately turned off with The way, surrounded by 4 players. measured from the results of Monaco, clearly the Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman, is not smart in implementing playing strategies, strong defense and sharp attacks, quickly fires Ronald Koeman instead of, Xavi, Luis Enrique, Eric Tenhag, or Massimiliano allegry

  4. But in matches Chilling Chilling

  5. I love Barca a lot but they never played well anymore like before

    • NONE
    • February 24, 2021

    We need that winning momentum against Elche and Sevilla in next matches so that we can atleast win second leg against Sevilla in Copa del Rey

  6. What the name of the music in the beggining of the video?

    • NONE
    • February 24, 2021

    Messi will score hattrick all the best Barca in today's game against Elche

  7. If u there when Barca wins, u must be there when they are losing ✊

  8. Have patience curlers. Our club will shine. We'll reply our setback with a perfect comeback !

  9. My only concern is Grizemann….. they rate at which he misses goals is unacceptable… to be honest I've never liked his game even for a day…. I hope we sell him next summer., in other to get good results we need goals machines, not try your luck type of players…. please!!!

  10. I love Barca Because of Messi And when Messi will leave My Love Towards Barcelona Will be forever Vanished

  11. Outttt

  12. When last did we scored from the corner kick and you people ain't training for it

  13. Frenkie de Jong

  14. This is the training for Barca's attacking, but our defense get used to it even in actual game.

  15. How do you guyz miss the subtitles.?? .? ..barcelona supporters are in whole world..English subtitles please

  16. "I am more worried about being a good person than being the best footballer in the world"

    – Lionel Messi

    Hope you're team succeeds and u score a goal

  17. Lenglet , busqi , alba and pique fucking out

  18. Barca barca leo barca king leo messiiiíiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  19. Hi I'm your new subsciber

  20. They just need to practice dribbling and shooting all day bcoz shooting is like shit except leo Messi especially dembouz and we are also seeing less dribbling and low lofted chip passes

  21. If barcelona want to win the match then they should replace their old player of defance and give chance to young player defance

  22. I love this club so much, and I still believe this club will rise at the top level. But these days it's hurt being a Barca Fans.

  23. Messi will score hattrick today vs elche and on march 11th barca will comeback and win by 5-4 on agg LOVE U BARCA VICA EL

  24. Neymar OP

  25. We want goals in “matches”


  27. The training method like that would not change anything. You should have a new plan and don't stuck in the same line up.

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