Playin Soccer: Goals galore in training ahead of Getafe clash! ⚽

Awesome Tip: Goals galore in training ahead of Getafe clash! ⚽

On Friday the team trained for the final time before the visit of Getafe with Nélson Semedo returning to training with the group at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan …


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    Griezzmann is a clown.
    Griezzmann OUT,Bart OUT, DEMBELE OUT ,Coutinho… what is this????????400Milions wasted???????????????

  2. Visca barca visca catalonia

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    what is the song?

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    name of song pls anyone

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    dejaste de jugar no con toda tu fuerza como antes

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    Love Pique

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    Luck happiness love love b

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    @FC BARCELONA – Guys u put English songs on the video but don't put English subtitles to the interview videos..or post match press conference..FC Barca is not only barcelona city but the whole world..So get ur game up if u want to provide quality service to the people who support you..

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    مرحباً ادارة برشلونة:
    ان برشلونة في الدفاع
    وليس في الهجوم
    ونتمنى من مدربنا العزيز
    كــيكي سيــتين
    ان يخرج بيكيه وجوردي البا
    من الفريق ويجلب لاعبـين جدد
    حتى ينبني الفريق من جـديد
    وتفوز بلالقاب الكثيرة
    واتمنى لكم حضاً موفقـاً

    Hello Barcelona administration: Barcelona is in defense, not in attack, and we hope our dear coach, Keke Cite, will leave Pique and Jordi Alba out of the team and bring in new players so that the team builds again and wins the many matches, and I wish you a good luck

    تحيا برســاُِ
    تحيا كتلونيــاَ

    Long live Barca, long live Catalonia

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    ¥¥¥¥¥£ ബാർസ

    • Bim
    • March 3, 2021

    I can't see Griezmann playing well in one-on-one ways to get past the players who guard him even though he has scored a goal in a match, I think he's a player who isn't frightening to opponents. Contributing to the team is still a long way from recruiting players before him like Coutinho was very regretted that he had to be loaned to bayern. only he did not have many opportunities to play at that time. and Barca wasted too much money just for the ambition of buying useless players who ultimately had no chance of playing. barca had to change the rotation faster because can get out of the champions league. I hope Quique Setien can think about it.

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    Dream of everyone

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    y the coach always train with players??

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    What’s the song name i like it

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    I think barca will win in this match… Right? …

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