Playin Soccer: 🔥 GOALS GALORE in the #UCL! ⚽ DYNAMO KYIV 0 – 4 BARÇA | BARÇA LIVE!

Awesome Tip: 🔥 GOALS GALORE in the #UCL! ⚽ DYNAMO KYIV 0 – 4 BARÇA | BARÇA LIVE!

Join us on Match Center for exclusive LIVE coverage of Barça’s next #UCL challenge against Dynamo Kyiv!

🔥 Barça Live: Live play-by-play coverage of the match.

🔥 Barça Live: post game reactions and analysis – exclusively on BarçaTV+

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    Msii lozr

  3. Reply

    Hoeman Messi?

  4. Reply

    We're used to seeing you guys play with tiki taka. right now even if you win but without tiki taka, why should we watch you?

  5. Reply

    I'm from Indonesia,,, please send Ozil to the Camp Nou ✌️✌️✌️

  6. Reply

    I LOVE Barcelona

  7. Por favor suban el resumen del partido de Champions del martes en Kiev

  8. Reply

    Gracias por todo, Diego.

  9. Reply

    الفيو ميسي

  10. Reply

    Oye Barcelona yo también quiero una caja cositas jaja como a youtubers viva Barcelona

  11. Reply

    I love Barcelona but I hate these people

  12. إنه من العراق… I'm from iraq

  13. Reply

    Barcelona formation is 4231 goalkeepers: Ter Stegen beck: Pique lenglet Dest Jordi Alba center: f.dejong busqet Coutinho grizmen Messi forward: Brahim

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    Nice viedo

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    I love barcelona

  17. سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

  18. Reply

    I think maradona has passed away

  19. Reply

    murio maradona

  20. Reply

    visca barca

  21. Reply

    It sound weird but Barcelona played better without Messi. They have the best away result for quite some time. All the plyers played their natural game. It seems they players could not play their natural game while Messi is around.

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    E aí, rapaziada! Me chamo wictor, eu sou jogador de futebol e tenho passagem por alguns clubes da 3 divisão do carioca. atualmente estou sem clube, mas decidi criar esse canal pra que assim, meu futebol alcance lugares maiores, e também, eu possa realizar meu sonho. Então da uma passada aqui no canal e da uma moral. Tmj!!

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    que mierda es esto ?!!!

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    Uff que partidazo, que vergüenza da este club, para lo que ha quedado para ganarle al Kiev. KOEMAN GRIEZMANN OUT. LAPORTA, KLOPP, AGÜERO IN.

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