Playin Soccer: Goals galore in the final session before the visit of Rayo

Awesome Tip: Goals galore in the final session before the visit of Rayo

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  1. Reply

    Coutinho ✊✊✊

  2. Reply

    صلى على رسول الله

  3. Reply

    Like for Messi

  4. Reply

    Can i join in your football acedamy

  5. Reply

    Incroyable TER stegen prend des goals

  6. Reply

    coutiiiinhoo love you

  7. Reply

    Come on couthino we need you come back in form

  8. Эль пупусито форса реал мадрид

  9. Reply

    Great opportunity

  10. Reply

    Vamos Barça

  11. Reply

    Força FCB

  12. Reply

    I wanna see Coutinoh Malcom Dembele up front

  13. Reply

    Coutinho please comeback to best form….visca Barca

  14. iyskumeudraktishiilayameeilayk

  15. Reply

    Messi plz trim again
    I have ur CF card in fifa that looks very good

  16. Reply

    I'm so in love with Barca now more and more…don't know why…they bring me some kind of joy I cant explain..and I can't get from other teams

  17. Reply

    Barcelona will become the champions

  18. Reply

    1:54 Sam almost killed Dembouz ….

  19. Reply

    Coutinho waste man in barca and could been hero in liverpool !that’s what you get when run after money and clout

  20. Reply

    I hope coutinho will return and barca will win the match against the lyon in the series in the upcoming c1 cup

  21. Reply

    I see coutinho is leaving next season. Boateng and De long is there to fill up his shoes.

  22. Reply

    We gon win CL

  23. Reply


  24. Barcelona will win the Laliga final and The Champians League!!!

  25. Reply

    I think this is what we all want
    Semedo Murillo Umtiti Alba
    Alena Vidal Arthur/Couts
    Malcom Suarez Dembele/Couts

  26. Reply

    Vayan por la Champions!!!

    • Latif
    • February 25, 2021

    Fc Barcelona: 2: 1: Rayo Vallecano

    Give me a heart and pin if I am right!

  27. Reply

    I love this vids, players really and simply enjoying playing football.

  28. Reply

    Viel Glück Messi

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