Playin Soccer: ⚽ GOALS GALORE ALERT! 🚨 HIGHLIGHTS | Barça Women 7-1 Levante

Awesome Tip: ⚽ GOALS GALORE ALERT! 🚨 HIGHLIGHTS | Barça Women 7-1 Levante

Barça Women 7-1 Levante: One way traffic! Barça Women were dominant throughout, and remain unbeaten in the league.

Goals: 1-0, Marta Torrejón (min. 4); 2-0, Vicky Losada (min. 20); 3-0, Mariona (min. 35); 4-0, Melanie (min. 50); 5-0, Bruna (min. 60); 6-0, Aitana (min. 81); 7-0, Jennifer Hermoso (min. 85); 7-1, Redondo (min. 93)


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  1. Reply

    they have fans?

  2. Reply

    Barcelona forever

  3. Reply

    Goalkeeper Levante xDDD

  4. Reply

    How is it that the public attends the matches of the ladies and not those of the men ??

  5. Reply

    The left back is just Jordi Alba

  6. Reply

    1:54 karius

  7. Reply

    Wonderful performance.

  8. Reply

    Hoppfullt they win the ucl

  9. Reply

    Just super, I love these Princesses

    • Max
    • April 15, 2021

    Dont pay attention to women's football

  10. Reply

    ¿Porqué hay espectadores ahí y no los hay en el fútbol masculino, por ejemplo? Es algo que no logro entender.

  11. Reply

    Sudah ku bilang jangan lawan barca wanita nya kan tau sendiri akibatnya wkwk

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    Messi would be able to re create the getafe goal against that levante team

  14. That levante goalie needs more sessions

  15. Reply

    The opponent defenders sud be trained again for basics!!they were lacking basic defensive skills!

  16. Reply

    Number 7 scored the 7th goal

  17. Reply

    i mean yes our ladies are playing greatbfootball technical and tactical wise but what is the goalkeeper doing

  18. Reply

    We can win ucl

  19. Reply

    Levantes keeper is appalling

  20. Reply

    1:55 Karius sister

  21. Reply

    They scored 7 goals against 2 ranked team in a league.

  22. Reply

    coba kalo ada dono kasino indro ….

    • S D
    • April 15, 2021

    Hi , Have a Great day for losing on 12th April's El Clasico

  23. Reply

    Now we need the icing on the cake from the men's team.

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