The squad trained for the final time before the visit of Atlético, a session that saw all the available players take part in the session, including Arthur, who did not train on Sunday with the Club’s permission, and Sergi Roberto.

One of the fixtures marked in red from the start of the season is now upon us as Diego Simeone’s Atlético come to Camp Nou in La Liga on Tuesday. The Madrid club are in third place in the table on 58 points, 11 behind Barça, and are in excellent form with four wins out of five since the return of competition in the middle of this month.


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  1. Reply

    Nobody's going anywhere. LET'S DO THIS CULERS! SOM-HI!!!!

  2. Reply

    Que viagem essa bola

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    hay una pequeña posibilidad de que a griezmann le de sueño en los partidos.

  5. Reply

    Why do they practice crossing when they never cross

  6. Reply

    its over

  7. Reply

    Equipo mediocre siempre decilucionando a sus hinchas fuera semedo pique Busquet

  8. Reply

    bring back carles puyol damn it barça loo

  9. Reply

    I m a Barca fan ..but they are only playing well in training sessions but their quality is still hidden behind the matches

  10. Reply

    Come On Griezi…

  11. Reply

    X q no hacen preparacio fisica despues d los 15 minutos stan sacando la lengua vacas sagradas

  12. Reply


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    Bartomeou outtttttttttt…. The board sucks

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    What's happening with Barcelona is a JOKE of bad taste! The presidency is the main shame that only makes stupid and wrong decisions in order to harm BARÇA, which in recent seasons mainly at CHAMPIONS LEAGUE has only been embarrassed. The most used move lately is called "passing the ball to Messi", this is a tremendous joke for a club that invests millions of euros per season with bad players and does not deliver anything on the pitch. I am afraid of what the future holds for Barcelona, ​​as it is we will not win ANYTHING anymore.

  15. Reply

    If grizzy dnt score against atm sell him

  16. Reply

    Barca 2020's next move

    Swaps Ter stegen for Buffoon

    The greatest deal ever
    Coming soon

  17. Reply

    Fuera Messi

  18. Reply

    Bartumoe out

  19. Reply

    I hope some barca player see this comment because griezmann need support, Barca is a team, not only one man show. Give him ball, He is a world cup champion.

  20. Reply

    Griezmann best bartomeu out

  21. Reply

    Arthur is still training for barca even though the board treated him badly

  22. Reply

    porfavor bartomeu vete del Barcelona

  23. Reply

    a10 year old child is in control of
    our board acording to his fifa 20 game

  24. Reply

    Gestión fallida y por eso seremos un equipo débil como el AC Milan

  25. Reply

    Bartomeu out

  26. Reply

    Club d amigos

  27. Reply

    Bartomeu out and Abidal they finish with the tiki taka Barca need young player not old player that why we haven’t see the Barca of Guardiola no more cantera count to

  28. Reply

    Guys, don't get fooled by training sessions,,,, Match is different

  29. Reply

    Bartomeu out

  30. Reply

    My dream mid for barca is coutinho de Jong. Rakitic and pjanic it would be lethal becz rakitic also in good shape recently after lock down he got a good rest

  31. Reply

    I can see arthur

  32. Reply

    Messi out

  33. Reply

    Like like

  34. Reply

    Gran entrenamiento seguir asi grande ansu

  35. Reply

    Bartomeu out

  36. Reply

    i think barca is gonna win 3-1 give me you prediction guys

  37. Reply

    Lionel messi will score his 700th goal today

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