Playin Soccer: #GetafeBarça (1-2) | BARÇA LIVE | Warm Up & Match Center

Awesome Tip: #GetafeBarça (1-2) | BARÇA LIVE | Warm Up & Match Center

Follow the live pre-game warm up with English commentary, followed by a live play by play of the match!


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    Форсе барса

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    Why Barca buy Willian da Silva? He is very year old. Stop, please!
    Bring to Camp Nou Matthijs de Ligt, I think, he's become a great player in the Camp Nou.

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    Por qué no hablan en español?

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    ممكن مشترك ضيفني

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    Can you video content creators just talk to Valverde for us???

    We don't want to see that relaxed defensive and midfield player from our team again

    What we want is to win big!!!!… We should be stopping balls!!

    Please, let the coach hear this

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    Dejen jugar a coutiho contra el levante

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    Who like Messi,coment here

    • D R
    • July 17, 2021

    Quien es esa guera hermosa

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    I think Barca should have a mascot

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    Sell saurez and get cavani like please

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    Rakitic is a piece of shit….

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    Fuck you valverde can you please play coutinho in the midfield please play him he will amazing

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    Visca el Barça

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    You are so cutee

  16. I'm 27

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    Hi Messi….

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    Amiel Barcelona por Messi y Suárez

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    hi messi

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    Hola forca Barça

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    Barça is very magic

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    Super Leo und Luisito <3

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    Ola ke ase

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    Who else came from the link?

  26. Xou

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