Playin Soccer: Funny Moments in Football 2021

Awesome Tip: Funny Moments in Football 2021

Watch the funniest & most absurd moments of the 2020-2021 football season. Produced by Score 90.

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Score 90 is a Swedish football brand, founded by Filip Hennig in 2017. We produce some of the most entertaining content on YouTube and various other social media platforms. Feel free to contact us on [email protected]

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  1. Reply

    Professional player is not perfect. Sometime their also make mistake.

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    6:58 Messi’s FIFA ratings: dribbling 1000% Defending: “error”

  4. Reply

    1:10 controller disconnected

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    0:09. Hahahaha

  7. Reply

    Came for the comments

  8. Reply

    This thumbnail will get more views than a hot chick.

  9. Reply

    all respect to Vardy first scene. you did well

  10. Reply

    1:11 These were two completly different clips….

  11. Reply

    1:50 does anyone knows who is she?

  12. Reply

    Sérgio Ramos kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  13. Reply

    The injurys isn’t funny

  14. Reply

    Legendary thumbnail

  15. Reply

    2:53 when u have no pockets

  16. What is that in 1:57 ?

  17. Reply

    Why are blacks stand on leg?

  18. Reply

    Fruity ass thumbnail

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    What type of music I love it

  21. Reply

    diop ring got pingspoofed

  22. Reply

    Song name pls?

  23. Reply

    moise kean is so good he didnt even need to move for upamecano to get sent to the floor

  24. Reply

    kroos and tierney was hilarious

  25. Reply

    Se inscrevam no meu canal, trago jogadas maravilindas de futebol!

  26. Reply

    Thumbnail sus.

  27. Reply

    Dier's was the anal limit! Should I forgive you?Special One won't get so angry!

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