Playin Soccer: FULL STREAM | Todibo's unveilling as new Barça player

Awesome Tip: FULL STREAM | Todibo's unveilling as new Barça player

Jean-Clair Todibo’s presentation as new FC Barcelona player.

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    I'm a Barcelona fan I have a suggestion. I want barca to buy products from the academy from the masses instead of buying players who don't know Tiki Taka. because lamasia products are better than players who don't know tiki taka. for example, the initials of xavi pique jordi alba and the best of many academy graduates, so I suggest Barcelona must buy products from mass rather than buy players who have no use and waste money

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    Best of luck Todibo

  3. Reply

    Buenos dias

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    Necessito prestamos serios gratis Bolivia , espana , chilinos , bermudes , otro pais por 2.500 euros – 5.500.000 euros 2% .

    Soy disponibla para Whatsapp :
    +32460 22 20 48

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    Bienvenue à toi mon petit. Jean Clair Todibo

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    Barcelona se ve que ha salvado estamos saludando

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    bienvenue a la meilleure equipe du monde

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    What position would they use him more and would he be used often?

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    I have a good feeling about todibo so no need going for de ligt. We should focus on getting a solid back up for jordi alba and a decent striker to take over from Suarez

    • dnz K
    • February 23, 2021


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    Even todibo looks like a kid.
    But he has a quality of experienced defenders.
    One of the best signing by barca in recent years.

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    Vojo ubiparip

  12. Reply

    Ktistijano ubiparip

  13. Reply

    He mentions me at 4:15 XD
    I commented on facebook live though
    Didn't know they were live om YouTube too

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    Welcome todibo barca fan from vietnames

  15. Reply

    Ok now I can haha

  16. Reply

    I can't here anything

  17. Reply

    Barca fan from California !!!!
    Welcome Todibo to the best team of the world.

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    Nicaragua precente

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    Welcome to the best club in the world barca fan from Jamaica, Dwight

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    Bien venue todibo

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    Tiene pinta de buen jugador.

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    visca el barca puro barca mucho saluds desd perú 10 Am perú

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    Welcome to our only champion club. All the best Todibo

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    Thanks to Toulouse

  27. Reply

    Welcome todibo ben venuto todibo

  28. Reply

    ¿¿ 2021
    2022 ??

  29. Reply

    1:26:06 me saluda chido
    Visca el barça siempre.

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    Parece primo de Mbappe xD

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    Aver si sirven

  32. Reply

    Welcome todibo

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