Playin Soccer: FULL STREAM | Martin Braithwaite's presentation

Awesome Tip: FULL STREAM | Martin Braithwaite's presentation

FC Barcelona have paid the buy out clause of the player Martin Braithwaite and therefore he is no longer contractually tied to Club Deportivo Leganés. The cost of the clause is 18 million euros.

The player will sign a contract with the Club for the rest of the season and four more until 30 June 2024 with the buy out clause set at 300 million euros.


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  1. Reply

    With Messi and Martin I m convinced we will be the best in all competitions…

  2. Reply

    Me Amo

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    Our blessings with you Braithwaite good luck & warm welcome to the FCB, love from Nepal!!

  5. Reply

    Good barcelona

  6. Reply

    Bartomeu out
    Abidal out

  7. Reply

    Haha Haters

  8. Reply

    Shame on you Barcelona! The world sees this, LaLiga shame on you!
    Leganes we all support you and are with you against these bullies and thieves!

  9. Reply

    Mrtin welcome to Barca and good luck you can do it

  10. Reply

    It's harsh how everyone is talking ill about this guy, but fellers, Its his opportunity, I Pray well for you. Good-luck

    • Leo
    • March 3, 2021

    Good luck to Martin I hope he's does incredible

  11. Reply

    No entiendo como pueden traer a un jugador que nadie conoce!! y la cantidad de dinero que pagaron vaya que PUTADA, el BARCA necesita jugadores ELITES no jugadores del MONTON…. Espero que MESSI se harte de todo este circo y se vaya del CLUB….

  12. Reply

    neymar backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Javi
    • March 3, 2021

    Ahora resulta que los clubes de la premier hablan en Español…. No me jodas ya está bien ni el puto canal del Barcelona en este país se oye en nuestro idioma. Es increíble. Vete ya Bartomeu que te vas cargar el club

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    He have a brilliant skills but some haters cut some of his mistakes and published…we want more goal from you not this skills…in a pitch must punish opponents nothing else

  14. Good luck at barca mate hope u do wonders

  15. Reply

    Welcome at BARCELONA he is a perfect player good luck for coming match. I am a MESSI crazy fan.

    • E A
    • March 3, 2021

    Ummm what was the point of having this press conference if only one question was asked to Martin, these clowns including Eric don’t know what they are doing. I really hope Martin can succeed and prove these fuckers wrong.

  16. لو يترجمون عربي كان افضل

  17. Reply

    Most came for 32:20

  18. Reply

    I am from pakistan

    I love Messi…. Messi is one man army in football ground.. Like a lion ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Welcome to barcelona chris brown.

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  22. Reply

    Good luck Martin breithwaite we are like next season to buy defender and striker such as
    Khalidou kaloubly or
    Mathue De ligt and
    Very important strikers
    Latauro Martinez

  23. Reply

    Why Barcelona club to be sign the Brasil players ? why only to France nationality, this happened after authorize Abidal

  24. Reply

    Good luck Braithwaite

  25. Reply

    INDO BARCA …i don't talk about too new recrut player…

  26. Reply

    Mo Salah is a player which fit with Barca style

  27. Reply

    Welcome to Barcelona

  28. Reply

    Lo bueno es que tenemos banca para la liga
    Vaya fiaco

  29. Reply

    1. Fire Bartomeu and Abidal
    2. What happened to the Masia?
    3. Just fire Bartomeu and Abidal

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