Playin Soccer: FULL STREAM | Luis Suárez is back with the squad

Awesome Tip: FULL STREAM | Luis Suárez is back with the squad


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  1. Nobody need neymar messi suarez dembele and griezmann is completes 100 preventivo

  2. Where is Cilessen?

    • ukdv
    • November 23, 2021

    this is not that hard… two hours like that, and then home, and they get paid millions, that is what they are the gods of our times!

  3. Kaka fouha

  4. Barca Barca Barca

  5. Theres too many players now

  6. Umtiti is gay?

  7. Seriously how will valverde manage everyones playing time

  8. Messi is killing barca extremely talented yes. I am starting to doubt how his intelligent. Dembele is fine but he would be better of if he had xavi iniesta and puyol to help him at barca. Messi hates everything dembele does such that he is using his powers to bring neymar' back. Rakatic is always a victim if things go bad. He supported velverde because he does not question his authority. I love messi but I am starting to see his bad side. He sometimes uses emotions a bit more than football intelligence. He friendship with Suarez such that anything disturbing them is cut. Was Paco alcacer that bad or he need guidance from leaders. Probably the very same reason he has no cup with national team. Friendship first excluding other players in your circle yet they must play for you. Forca barca

  9. Woi budjank Indonesia mana nih?????BARCA INDO!!!?

  10. Valverde has failed as a coach I don't know why he remains in our great team up till now, I pray we don't go down again this season with all this great talents

  11. Y Messi ?

    • kus
    • November 23, 2021

    Luis Suarez is currently the worst player on the Barcelona team

  12. Suarez badly hate black ! If you play in Brazil you’ll get your pay back!

  13. porque rafiha yeva mitjas i no mitjones

  14. I hope Umtiti and Dembele is free from injury from this season on.

  15. Coutinho plus valverde to PSG and nemar back to barc

  16. 3:18 Valverde trying to nutmeg rakitic

  17. any one else notice how dembele griezman and umtiti are like best friends and do everything together it’s lit

  18. Donne un like si vs aimez le Fc Barcelone

  19. Messi എത്തിയോ

  20. R A K I T I C O U T

  21. Solo por las medias que lleva, Rafinha merece seguir en el equipo.

  22. Por qué no hablan en español LPM!!
    El mundo habla inglés o español, las demás mierdas no se entiende.

  23. Busi giving De Jong some tips

    • Rob
    • November 23, 2021

    Where is messi btw

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