Playin Soccer: FULL STREAM | Institutional farewell for Andrés Iniesta at the Camp Nou

Awesome Tip: FULL STREAM | Institutional farewell for Andrés Iniesta at the Camp Nou

Follow live from Camp Nou, as FC Barcelona holds a special farewell ceremony for Andrés Iniesta.


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  1. Reply

    43:19 Whatsapp group

  2. Reply

    que vienes del zara?

  3. Reply

    47:00 The true president of Barcelona

  4. Reply

    our future coach is there bihh

  5. Reply
  6. Reply

    Favorite song name?

    • CST
    • February 14, 2021

    If u are NOT gonna translate Iniestas speech then at least step away from the mic mouthbreather

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    Puyol, xavi, mascherano, iniesta.. Living legend

  9. Reply

    We will always love u Andres forever barca

  10. Reply

    Man like eto fish Samuel ETOOO

  11. Reply

    Love Barcelona

  12. Reply

    Aww am very sad….love the song wow

  13. Reply

    Podrian haberse ahorrao el traductor asqeroso q vaya puto ruido haces al respirar cerco
    Pd: vaya fumada llevan los grandiosos Estopa

  14. Reply

    Remember INIESTAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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    Hopless translator

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    fichajes club Barcelona 2018

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    Buy m.salah barca

  19. Reply

    Kolorre pala ramos kebacok

    • Ye
    • February 14, 2021

    Barcelona you guys are my hero and I will always remember you and I am your biggest fan

  20. Reply

    Should buy bale

  21. Reply

    I'm angry at you Barca for losing the UEFA Cup

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    O R10

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    iniesta infinito

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    l.love you

    • JMS
    • February 14, 2021

    Barca, please stop dismissing Dani Alves. Sure, he didn't part ways with the board on good terms but he's a club legend. He wasn't involved in Masche's or Iniesta's farewell videos (but you had people with no connection to Barca) and wasn't he given a part in this presentation EVEN THOUGH he was in the audience. He served 8 years playing for Barca alongside Iniesta. He would've shared some great words. Hopefully you guys will start acknowledging him soon…

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    please translate pleassssse

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    I love the way he plays football…(real footballer).

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    When a player like you leaves, our soul leaves. You are a true gift of god. You brightened my day when I saw you play! No one can define pure magic like you. From the bottom of my content heart, I will miss you A LOTTT! Please come back one day. Thank You Don Andres!!!

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    Can you pls make a video with subtitles pls @Fcbarcelona?

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    Eto'o <3

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    and for a note i would miss you very much iniesta

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    i will always turn on location for them

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    and if barcelona realy need youth players i am here always for them

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    barcelona is best team in my life and i hope some day i will be a player playing with messi

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    El Barcelona es una mierda y queien me conteste mentira le mandare un Mensajes diciendole que queien a gana o 12 champions y el Barcelona 5

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    BTW: next time pls Subtitel! he just translate 40 % …

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    where is actual Puyol??

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    Iniesta the legend #8forever

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    Englisch guys

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    Iniesta thank u for entertain us. wish u all very best.good luck god bless.lets go barca

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